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Released November 9, 2017


The LEGEE-688 is a robot vacuum-mop combo. It has a useful remote, but if you use the HOBOT LEGEE app, you can control the 688 as well as access the scheduling feature and view a real-time map.

You can also choose one of the seven Talent Clean modes:

  1. Standard: for general usage
  2. Strong: for a deep clean
  3. ECO: to operate quietly while saving energy
  4. Kitchen: to clean stains, spills, and splashes
  5. Dry: for hardwood floors
  6. Pet: to clean pawprints and hair
  7. Polish: for brightness and shining

ِAs for the other features:

  • The real-time map shows the 688 while it cleans.
  • The cleaning diary lets you check the last 10 cleaning missions, like the cleaned area and duration.
  • The schedule queue is a weekly scheduler to preschedule a cleaning once a day.
  • Smart navigation technology is brought to effect through three long lasers that are upfront.
  • Encoder, gyroscope, and E-compass technologies are present as well.

The three cleaning routes are zigzag cleaning, wall-follow cleaning, and auto-cleaning, the last of which the involves the 688 dividing up an area, zigzagging around, and finished up with wall-follow cleaning.

The 688 utilizes the 4-in-1 FastBrush, and it also features a tangle-free design. Its D-shape allows it to clean corners with ease, thanks to the detachable side brush too.

The carved deflector is supposed to allow the entry of larger debris like beans, but the 688 is more specialized for dust and lighter debris like coffee grounds and flour.

As for the mop, its speed is 600-800 times per minute, and it releases enough water to clean without residue, thanks to the microfiber mopping cloth that is absorbent.

Even more features:

  • There is a high-efficiency Nidec brushless DC motor & metal fan for low noise and good durability.
  • There are two cliff lasers under the front edge to avoid falling from stairs and so on.
  • The caterpillar-belt design prevents slipping.
  • The filter has two layers.
  • The 688 redocks by itself, thanks to 4M IR detection.
  • The 688 gives maintenance reminders.

Different modes
No water residue

Available to order from Amazon:

eureka NER650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Released November 10, 2022

7. Eureka NER650

While not technically a D-shaped robot vacuum, the NER650 still has the perks of a D-shaped robot vacuum due to its shape. The NER650 has LDS navigation, so the NER650 detects your home, navigates it in zigzag rows, dodges obstacles with its 30 sensors, avoids falling off heights via smart cliff sensors, self-charges whenever the battery is about to run out, and then resumes from where it left off.

On one battery charge, the NER650 can cover up to a whopping 2,152 square feet of area. It redocks at around 15% battery and is better than most of its competition at doing that without getting stuck.

The NER650 has an anti-scratching brush roll and BLDC motor to take care of dirt, dust, hair, and more. The V-shaped semi-floating brush roll takes care of tough-to-reach spots. There is a HEPA filter as well. The NER650 goes under furniture to clean there if needed in addition.

There are three suction level options: standard, low, and high. Whenever the NER650 comes across a carpet, suction is automatically boosted for more thorough cleaning. The NER650 can exceptionally transition between surface types if there is a small threshold.

The NER650 has 360 degree omnidirectional scanning and LiDAR, the latter of which is known for superior mapping and navigation in the dark.

The NER650 can generate floorplans, and you can set customized cleaning options as well as no-go zones for if there are areas in your home with fragile objects.

You can use the eureka app to schedule a cleaning and control your NER650 from wherever. You can also use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. The NER650 also tells you its status updates.

LiDAR mapping
Smooth transitioning
Large dustbin

Available to order from Amazon:
Eureka NER650

Released May 20, 2020

6. Eureka Groove

The Groove is not round-shaped like most robot vacuums, so it should give you some of the perks of a classic D-shaped robot vacuum.

That said, this NER300 robot vacuum that looks like an old cassette player should not deceive you with its funky look. With 2,000 Pascals of suction power, it can effectively pick up fur, dust, dirt, and also debris. Its anti-scratch brush roll protects hard floors without compromising the robot vacuum’s ability to clean surfaces like carpets and rugs. You can expect the bot to pick up about a staggering dozen grams of dirt per cycle.

The NER300’s slim design allows it under furniture, thanks to its GrooveGear wheels. Those wheels help it move from hard floors to carpets as well as transition between rooms.

Although not necessarily advertised as such, the NER300 is quite good at edge cleaning, and by the way, if you are concerned about the hassle of emptying a dustbin, the NER300 sports an easy-empty dust cup.

With four ways to control this robot vacuum, the NER300 is quite the convenient innovation:

  1. App control
  2. Remote control
  3. Voice commands
  4. Onboard button

With the app, you can schedule and control the robot vacuum even if you are out and about. You can also use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

Stronger suction
Goes under furniture
Climbs up & down surfaces
Edge-cleaning monster
Convenient dustbin design

Available to order from Amazon:
Eureka Groove

Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum
Released October 26, 2021

5. Neato D10

The D10 packs many features, with one of them being a HEPA filter that can capture up to 99.97% of allergens and dust as small as 0.3 microns. Returning from the previous editions is the pleated design to allow for greater filtration surface area without sacrificing suction efficiency.

The D10 has a 140-degree design that reduces brush noise while operating on hard surfaces, but regardless, the bot is for debris and dust pickup on various surfaces. The helix multi-surface brush can tackle hardwood, carpet, and tiles, and it is coupled with a large dustbin that holds more dirt and dander than usual. There are four cleaning modes as well.

In one go, you can expect the D10 to clean up to 2,700 square feet. It also packs SLAM and LiDAR. Although this bot can run for a very long time, you can extend that time even more by utilizing eco mode. Areas that need more intense cleaning can be cleaned using turbo mode. There is a max mode as well. If the battery is about to run out, the D10 goes back to the dock to recharge.

Using the app, you can divide your place into zones and set no-go zones as well. Thanks to the Bluetooth-compatible MyNeato app, you can also do things such as clean on demand and schedule with routines.

Nifty D-shape
Good suction

Available to order from Amazon:
Neato D10
Neato D9
Neato D8

Veniibot H10 Robot Vacuum and Mop with Self Cleaning Station
Released September 5, 2022

4. Veniibot H10

Do you struggle with pet hair on your carpets and floors as well as dust, debris, or even beans? This is a self-emptying robot vacuum-mop with HEPA filtration that can clean surfaces like:

  • Carpets
  • Tiles
  • Hardwood
  • Stone
  • Marble

And hard floors in general…

From fine dust to melon seeds, this robot vacuum aims to clean as much as it can, and it can go up to five days without having to refill the water tank. In fact, the H10 can clean 4,300 square feet without your help.

The mop dynamically scrapes with a 40 Newton cycle and then dries itself alongside ozone sterilization to avoid odors, and the waste water tank is purified automatically.

There is auto-washing with a washable filter in addition to air drying through a professional heat-drying system. The dust bag provides one week of storage.

Because this robot vacuum-mop scans a room with GraphNavi 0.5 and LiDAR 2.0 obstacle detection to plan the most effective path, tight spots and corners can be reached, and obstacle avoidance enhances the performance. When needed, the H10 redocks to recharge and then resume its cleaning.

The path taken is in the shape of a bow, and there are 10 Newtons of pressurization with two torque cranks to remove stains within one pass.

Within one touch of a button, you can have the H10 sweep, vacuum, mop, wash, dry, and cleanse. The H10 can automatically detect the floor type to adjust suction, moisture, and height accordingly, such is by raising its mop pad upon encountering a carpet to avoid mopping it. In fact, the H10 transitions between surfaces well.

You can control the H10 with the app to:

  • Schedule a full cleaning.
  • Schedule a spot cleaning.
  • Create a schedule per room.
  • Store multiple floorplans.
  • Control where the robot goes.
  • Control how the robot cleans.
  • Generate a cleaning report.

You can also monitor water levels on the LCD display in real time.

Mops too
Good surface transitions

Available to order from Amazon:
Veniibot H10

Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop
Released July 13, 2021

3. Dreame W10

The Dreame Bot W10 Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum and Mop has an auto-drying system. It comes with two rotating mop pads, and it tackles dirt and stains simultaneously. More specifically, 10 Newtons of pressure are applied to pads that spin 180 times a minute for the most part.

When its pads get dirty, the W10 automatically redocks so that the pads are sprayed with water and then spin quickly against little grooves to get rid of the dirt and muck. At the same time, there is a nozzle at the dock’s bottom that deposits dirty water into a waste-water tank to prevent contamination. Additionally, the W10 redocks to recharge when the battery is low to then continue from where it left off.

When the mopping cycle is finished, and when the W10 has returned to the base for the last time, the pads are rinsed and dried using hot air to avoid bacterial growth and mildew.

The W10 has two water tanks: one is for clean water while the other is for dirty water, so you do not need to frequently refill or dump. In fact, the W10 can clean 300 square meters by itself before needing another charge again. We really like the size of the dirty water tank.

Because of its D-shape, which is probably why you are here, the W10 can hug walls tightly, and side brushes capture debris from edges. Long gone are the days of supplementing your robot vacuum with a manual old-school vacuum for those tough edges. Plus, the oversized roller covers more real estate. To cap things off, the powerful suction power removes dust and dirt effectively.

The W10 mostly updates its surroundings’ map a dozen times faster than before, and that is because of its navigation system that is a mixture of LDS, LiDAR, and SLAM. The bot can navigate its perimeter even in the dark. Furthermore, systematic cleaning paths are also created, storing up to three floorplans max.

Once the W10 has drawn a floorplan of your home, you can then divide the home into rooms to set custom cleaning through the app instead of cleaning your whole home every time. The app connects easily.

Because of ultrasonic carpet detection, the W10 identifies a carpet in advance, plans a route according to the current mode, and automatically boosts suction to max power when there is a carpet. In other modes, the W10 detours around carpets so they are not wetted. Who wants a wet carpet, right?

Moving on, 1.8 cm thresholds can be surpassed. Needless to say, this state-of-the-art bot has an anti-drop function too, so it avoids falling off heights like stairsets.

About the modes, there are three you can select from the app:

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Mopping
  3. All-in-one

Aside from the app, you can also use Amazon Alexa to voice control the W10.

Revolutionary mop pads
Dirty water-tank size
Quick app setup

Available to order from Amazon:
Dreame W10

Narwal T10, 2-in-1 Robot Mop & Vacuum With Automatic Mop Cleaning Station
Released December 1, 2020

2. Narwal T10

The T10 is a robot vacuum-mop hybrid that features triangular mop pads that rotate three times a second, so the RPM is 180. They cover 30% more surface area to increase cleaning efficiency, especially when it comes to corners. The large water tanks suffice for a 3,000 square-foot house.

When the mops are dirty, the T10 detects that automatically and periodically, so it returns to the base to clean them and resume mopping, which prevents germs and bacteria.

As for the vacuum, it has dual-side brushes that sweep hair, dirt, and debris with the assistance of a HEPA 10 filter that traps dust, allergens, and so on. To reduce the odds of hair entanglement, the brush is the no-roll type.

Thanks to LiDAR as well as LSD laser mapping algorithms and SLAM, the Narwal T10 gets lost less frequently than your average-Joe robot vacuum.

With one click, you can make the bot vacuum, mop, build a map, and return to the base. There is a Narwal app too, and you can use a remote if you wish.

More about the app, you can:

  • Select a cleaning plan.
  • Adjust the suction levels.
  • Adjust the mop moisture levels.
  • Receive firmware updates.
  • Get automatic algorithm updates.

And more…

Additional features include:

  • Child lock feature
  • No-go areas
  • Cleaning status & report
  • Battery level

To wrap up, it is quite convenient that the T10 switches between vacuuming and mopping automatically depending on what you install on it. Second, it is quite impressive that this is a combo, yet it mops so well as if it is an exclusive mop. It applies a great deal of pressure to scrub the most stubborn stains off one’s floor. It mops so smartly that it starts a mopping session far away from the dock and then makes its way to the dock to reduce contamination chances.

As for vacuuming, the side brushes help a lot when edge cleaning. There are two suction levels to choose from: normal and power.

By the way, the T10 also has spot cleaning, so you can clean a specific area. Mapping is excellent, and the T10 can maneuver its way under furniture. If anything, set a no-go zone.

Regarding battery life, the T10’s battery is so durable that it will unlikely have to return to base during a cycle. Instead, it usually does a whole cycle without needing to recharge.

Finally, it is convenient that you can choose to operate the T10 without the app, so you can use the remote or press on the bot itself.

Phenomenal mop
Edge cleaning
Smart movements
Long battery life

Available to order from Amazon:
Narwal T10

iRobot Roomba s9+
Released December 21, 2020

1. iRobot Roomba s9+

No top robot-vacuum list is complete without a Roomba, so meet the s9+, a goliath which comes with:

  • Clean Base automatic dirt disposal
  • Two dirt-disposal bags
  • Extra high-efficiency filter
  • Extra corner brush

The high-efficiency filter captures 99% of dog and cat dander allergens, yet the star feature of this robot vacuum is definitely the Clean Base automatic dirt disposal, which allows the s9+ to empty itself for up to a couple of months. It sports a three-stage cleaning system which lifts, loosens, and eliminates pet hair and debris in carpets. Power-boost technology allows the s9+ to increase suction whenever needed.

Clean Base eliminates the dust and dirt that often accompany emptying bins of vacuums. Up to 30 bins are automatically emptied into the base that also serves as the charging dock of this Roomba. Also featured is PerfectEdge technology that utilizes advanced sensors, and there is a special corner-brush to clean alongside edges. The corner performance is quite good.

The dual rubber-brushes do not get tangled with pet hair. The brushes are closer to the front than most other robot vacuums, providing unique utility. This is not a “me too” product, especially adding that the D-shape allows the s9+ to maneuver itself to clean the trickiest spots. The s9+ works great on hardwood, and it works well on carpets too.

vSLAM navigation allows the s9+ to learn the layout of a residence to clean it in neat and efficient rows. This sophisticated navigation system captures over 230,400 data points every second. In a few cycles, the s9+ should know its way around your living space, and it almost never gets stuck.

Imprint smart mapping technology allows the s9+ to distinguish between your living room and the kitchen, so you can decide where it cleans as well as when, and you can also set no-go zones.

The smart mapping feature enables the s9+ to identify the best way to clean based on the layout of every room, furniture placement, and so on. After you label every room, the smart map allows you to direct the s9+ to clean a specific room or multiple rooms using the app.

Speaking of which, the iRobot Home app provides customizable routines and maps. You also get personalized cleaning suggestions, which is a reason why this app is one of the best of its kind. If you area’s pollen count is unusually high or it is pet-shedding season, an extra cleaning is suggested.

You can also set up and use Amazon Alexa easily to voice-control the s9+. So, you can say something along the lines of, “Alexa, tell Roomba to clean under the kitchen table.”

If low on battery, the s9+ charges itself and then continues its trek. On the lowest setting, you can expect the s9+ to operate for a couple of hours. At the highest setting, you can expect 45 minutes of operation. Even the highest setting does not make the s9+ that loud, so it is quite moderate-sounding.

Automatic dirt disposal
Efficient D-shape
Rarely stuck
Moderate sound level
Excellent app
Easy Alexa setup

Available to order from Amazon:
Roomba s9+

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