We have a video review available for this robot vacuum-mop.

EVA is a 3-in-1 robot vacuum that also sweeps and mops. This quiet self-cleaning bot can self-empty and hold dirt for up to two months. Additionally, when she mops, she auto-dries. The mop is pressurized and exerts a whopping 12 Newtons of force!

EVA has a 4 liter water tank, and the dual tank system allows for the separation of clean and dirty water. To self-clean the dirty mops, EVA goes back to its base. The antibacterial effect can go up to a staggering 99%! When it comes to the odor-free dust bag, it can actually eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. The waste water tank is 4 liters as well.

Whenever a carpet is encountered, EVA automatically makes a detour, of course.

EVA performs well on tiles, picking up dirt, small pieces of food, and so on. On a single charge, EVA can cover 2,000+ square feet of real estate. When tested in a 600 square foot environment, EVA took 3 hours to clean. She manages to redock when she needs to.

You can pause and reactivate EVA if you need to: just press the button on the base!

EVA tries to be aware of its surroundings, so she detects obstacles to make a detour. She has 360 degree omnidirectional LDS (laser distance sensor), and she also detects heights to avoid falling off them. Even if she is under furniture or it is dark, she tries not to get stuck. There was no issue running EVA in a poorly lit environment.

EVA cleans in straight lines, 20 mm thresholds should be climbable in vacuum mode, and 15 mm thresholds can be surpassed when vacuum-mopping or just mopping.

As for the auto-drying mops, the auto-drying takes place when a strong wind is generated through a vortex in order to accomplish fast drying, and the mop pads themselves are both anti-odor and anti-mildew. They are 4 inches and spin at high speed. More specifically, the RPM (revolutions per minute) is 180.

EVA’s vacuuming deserves a five star rating, especially because hair tangling is not an issue, and the mopping is also great. She mops tiles and wood quite well, and she should take care of food-related stains on tiles easily.

Setting up EVA is quite easy, and the first charge took a mere hour.

You can enjoy voice control with her, and she will also give you vocal updates about her status. Furthermore, there is a smart LED color screen, and there are also gradient marquee lights. You will see flashing indicators in the case of:

  • The dust bag being full
  • The waste water tank being full
  • There being a shortage of clean water

When the mop is drying, the indicator light will be on.

The app is easy to set up as well, and it is user friendly. You can set up scheduled cleaning, and you can name rooms as you wish.

If there are areas you would not like EVA to go to, you can designate no-go zones, which EVA will respect. Otherwise, there is a spot cleaning mode for specific areas that need intense cleaning. Hit the spot button onboard EVA so she goes and finds dirt!

Again, we have a video review available for this robot vacuum-mop.




We have reviewed the T10+ on video as well.

This is a LiDAR-based robot vacuum that has 23 sets of sensors. LiDAR means light detection and ranging, part of which helps a bot move in the dark. That said, the T10+ worked fine in a low-light setting.

Setting up the T10+, including setting up the app, is easy. It took only an hour to charge for the first time and subsequent times, and prescheduling a cleaning works. The app is easy to operate, including setting some no-go zones.

The T10+ can avoid obstacles and heights, and it learns to map one’s home in the best way. This robot vacuum features the USLAM Air 5.0™ algorithm that improves on navigation and so the bot should not get stuck. You can pause and reactivate the bot if you like by pressing the button on its base.

As a handsfree self-emptying bot, there is a 3.3 L dust bag that can hold up to 45 days of dirt and debris, which is quite the long time. Self-emptying is not loud, which is something rare. As for suction, it automatically boosts when there is a carpet in contact. The vacuuming aspect of the T10+ is excellent.

You can choose which room is to be cleaned with which suction and mopping water flow, so yes, this is a robot vacuum-mop hybrid! The T10+ cleaned both wood and tiles well.

When its battery is low, the T10+ docks itself to recharge and then resumes from where it left off. To minimize the frequency of recharging, you can run the bot in quiet mode. Speaking of which, the T10+ is almost silent.

Again, we have reviewed the T10+ on video as well.

AIRROBO / Amazon

Proscenic 850T

8. Proscenic 850T

Proscenic is not too shabby when it comes to robot vacuum-mops either. This hybrid cleaner is able to vacuum, mop, or both. To get started with the mopping feature, you just need to snap on the water tank and wet the mopping cloths. Let us dive right into the five cleaning modes:

  1. Auto-cleaning utilizes an S-shaped pattern of movement followed by cleaning a room’s edges.
  2. Edge mode cleans around a room.
  3. Spot mode cleans a certain area within a few-feet radius.
  4. Single-room mode cleans for about 30 minutes.
  5. Floor mopping is as obvious as it sounds, but again, remember to install the water tank first.

Every time a carpet is detected, the 850T automatically boosts its suction power to max mode to ensure a thorough cleaning. The 850T actually climbs carpets quite well. Whenever it leaves the perimeter of the carpet, the 850T switches back to the previous mode it was in.

There are also three suction levels, which are standard, strong, and silent. In silent mode, the 850T can run for two hours, which is impressive. Like its competitors, it will automatically go back to the charging dock if the battery is running low.

This robot is only 8.3 cm high, so it can effectively clean corners, under sofas, and under beds. If you have fragile furniture, the equipped magnetic tape prevents the 850T from going to restricted areas. Generally, the 850T is quite spatially aware, and it also packs anti-falling technology to avoid falling off heights.

It is quite refreshing that the 850T does not follow a random path like some other robots. In fact, it sports the IPNAS 2.0 intelligent positioning system for systematic planning and positioning in record time.

This smart bot can of course be controlled with an app wherever you are, and it is also compatible with Alexa as well as Google Home for voice commands.


Proscenic M6 PRO

7. Proscenic M6 PRO

Meet the M6 PRO, a simultaneous robot vacuum and mop instead of doing one after the other, which is always convenient!

Besides the HEPA filter, the large 2-in-1 capacity tank is for dust collection as well as mopping. Conveniently, the dustbin is easily removable, but it is because of the the electric water tank that the M6 PRO can double as a mop.

Mopping takes place in an efficient Y-shaped path, which allows for triple passes. Water is distributed homogenously throughout the mop. At your leisure, you can choose from low, medium, and high settings.

As for the vacuuming, there are three suction levels, and again, suction is automatically increased if a carpet is found. We find the M6 PRO to be a specialist when it comes to hard surfaces, especially hardwood. It transitions between surface types quite well. For example, it can can climb thresholds up to 18 millimeters. Also, it has 15 sensors to avoid obstacles and heights.

Whenever it is running out of battery, the M6 PRO automatically redocks and then resumes cleaning. The M6 PRO is able to do that because it is spatially aware. You see, the M6 PRO scans your home through 360-degree LDS or laser direct structuring. It makes the fastest and most efficient plan for cleaning. The M6 PRO also uses LiDAR, which is light detection and ranging, something that is commonly associated with helping a bot navigate in the dark.

Another smart aspect about the M6 PRO is how you can control it. For instance, using the ProscenicHome app, you can designate no-go zones to avoid the robot going there. As for the iRoom cleaning system, it divides your home into multiple regions, and you can select certain rooms to be cleaned at a scheduled time. Up to a whopping five maps can be saved and accessible through the app!

If you are not app-savvy, you can issue voice commands to the M6 PRO using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Old schoolers can simply opt for the onboard controls as well. They can press one button on the M6 PRO to start the bot, and the other is to send it to the dock manually. Clearly, the M6 PRO does not discriminate…


Roborock S5 Max

6. Roborock S5 Max

A Roborock hybrid that is available in black and white is the S5 Max. Its dustbin and water tank are easy to handle. Like the Proscenic M6 PRO, the S5 Max uses LiDAR to navigate most efficiently.

At 3.8 inches tall, the S5 Max can go under furniture if need be. Also, 0.8 inch thresholds can be climbed. If there is a height, the S5 Max will avoid it to prevent itself from falling.

When a carpet is encountered, suction is automatically boosted. For medium-pile carpets, we recommend the turbo and max modes. As for mopping, you can choose the level of water flow you prefer. The mop of the S5 Max can give your floor a good polish.

This vac-mop has app control. You can save up to four levels of maps, which would include:

  1. Individual rooms
  2. No-go zones
  3. No-mop zones
  4. Invisible walls

You can also start and stop cleanings with the map. Otherwise, you can send voice commands with Alexa instead if you like to operate your bots that way.

If you are still not sold, here are more interesting facts about the S5 Max:

  • Mapping is 98% accurate.
  • The S5 Max can clean a 2,600 square-foot home in one go.
  • The fan spins at a whopping 15,000 RPM!


Roborock S6 Pure

5. Roborock S6 Pure

Yet another Roborock that comes in black and white, the S6 Pure packs the following key features:

  • LiDAR navigation with a Z-shape route
  • Multi-level mapping
  • Selective room cleaning
  • Auto carpet boosting
  • App/voice control
  • Washable E11 air filter

This sophisticated robot vacuum-mop can distinguish your kitchen from your living room. You can schedule it to clean one room, multiple rooms, or even entire floors. It has 32-bit quad-core processors like smartphones, which it uses to calculate the most efficient route for every room.

You can even tell the S6 Pure which suction to use on which room. Its solid suction allows it to absorb dirt deep within carpets. The fan’s 15,000 RPM, like the S5 Max, is a force to be reckoned with, pulling in dirt and pet hair with ease. Despite being a powerhouse, this is a fairly quiet robot vacuum.

More about how the S6 Pure cleans: the brushes are soft on floors but show no mercy with dust, meaning they are gentle yet effective. They are easily replaceable if need be. As for the filter, it captures up to 96% of allergens, which include pollen and mold. The filter being washable means it needs fewer replacements.

The turbo and max modes are our recommendations. Needless to say, carpet mode is automatically triggered when a carpet is detected, which would increase suction power.

As for the mopping, the S6 Pure has a 180 ml water tank, so it is generously sized. After a cycle, all you need to do is empty the tank, dry it, and wash the cloth pad.

Whether vacuuming or mopping, the S6 Pure utilizes an accelerometer, odometer, compass, infrared cliff-sensor, and more to avoid obstacles and heights. In total, it has about a dozen sensors!

When it comes to controlling the S6 Pure, it is quite simple in its button scheme: a power button and a home button. As for spot cleaning of a specific area, this can be triggered with the app. The app is quite inclusive in what it lets you do, and you can also use Amazon Alexa for voice control to say:

“Alexa, ask Roborock to clean.”

“Alexa, ask Roborock to dock.”

“Alexa, ask Roborock to resume.”

Lastly, you can instruct the S6 Pure to avoid no-go zones, no-mop zones, and invisible walls.



4. BISSELL SpinWave

When it comes to vacuuming in general, BISSELL is undeniably an industry leader, and it is not a surprise that BISSELL hit a homerun with its SpinWave hybrid bot.

Included with the bot:

  • Two-tank cleaning system
  • Microfiber mop pads
  • Replacement filters and edge-cleaning brushes
  • Trial-size multi-surface formula

Using structured cleaning paths, the SpinWave vacuums and mops quietly.

In dry mode, the SpinWave uses a rotating brush-roll and dual-spinning brushes and collects pet hair, dirt, and debris on carpets, rugs, hard floors, and more. Hard floors include tiles and vinyl, and perhaps more impressively, the SpinWave is one of the rare robot vacuums that can clean medium-pile carpets.

In wet-mopping mode, the rotating mop pads and cleaning solution combine forces to scrub floors until they are clean. A specialized sensor ensures that the SpinWave does not climb carpets or rugs when it is wet. The floor dries up quickly after usage, so the SpinWave does not suction water nor the solution.

In a nutshell, the vacuum feature is great, and the mopping feature is spectacular.

Moving on, there are two movement modes, which are auto and spot. Auto means that the SpinWave moves in straight lines, and spot means that the SpinWave moves in a spiral motion. As for the suction levels, they are low, mid, and max.

You can control the SpinWave using the BISSELL Connect app so you can schedule, start, or stop a cleaning. Thankfully, setting up the app only takes a couple of minutes. Otherwise, there are light indicators to tell whether or not the SpinWave is charging, fully charged, and so on.

One thing worth adding is that, at least at the time of writing this, buying the SpinWave contributes to the BISSELL Pet Foundation that has a mission to save homeless pets!


Coredy R750

3. Coredy R750

The R750 is Coredy’s offering for the robot vacuum-mop world. This bot has three cleaning modes and three mopping levels, which are:

  1. Auto-cleaning mode: the default mode
  2. Edge-cleaning mode: for those stubborn and tough-to-reach edges
  3. Spot-cleaning mode: to clean a specific area
  1. Low-level mopping: runs for 2.5 hours
  2. Medium-level mopping: runs for 2 hours
  3. High-level mopping: runs for 1.5 hours

Here are some more interesting facts:

  • The brushless motor reduces noise, much like the ILIFE V8s.
  • There are 27-degree side brushes for walls, edges, and corners.
  • The dustbin is quite easy to handle.

Of course, this state-of-the-art robot has sensors to avoid bumping into things and falling off heights.

There are different ways you can control the R750, which include the Coredy Robot app as well as Alexa and Assistant. You can:

  • See where the R750 is.
  • Monitor cleaning in real-time.
  • Check the status of accessories.
  • Send voice commands.

You can also schedule cleanings prior. This is another autonomous robot cleaner that increases suction on its own when it finds a carpet. Additionally, it can transition between surfaces well, and its low profile allows it to go under furniture. If you want, you can use boundary strips to avoid the the R750 going certain places.

Coredy / Amazon


2. ILIFE V5s Pro

ILIFE is another A-lister for robot vacuum-mops. Pick up fur, debris, dust, and dirt with the V5s Pro!

To transform this quiet ILIFE bot into a mop, simply install the water tank and mop cloth. Thanks to iDropping technology, water use is minimized to prevent floor damage, but there is still enough to mop.

The mop is okay, but where the V5s Pro truly shines is in the vacuuming department. More specifically, it specializes in fine debris. It is indeed one of the best robot vacuums out there. Without further ado, here are the cleaning modes:

  1. Auto: the default mode for inclusive cleaning
  2. Edge: to clean along walls and corners
  3. Spot: to clean a certain area
  4. Max: to increase suction to the maximum, especially for dusty areas

The V5s Pro’s slim profile allows it under furniture, and just like any other industry-standard bot, it packs smart sensors to clean hard-to-reach areas without bumping into obstacles violently nor falling from heights. In fact, the V5s Pro avoids large obstacles quite well. Furthermore, it crosses 10 mm thresholds at 15 degrees. Quite expectedly, whenever the battery is low, the V5s Pro retreats to the dock to recharge.

Fortunately, setting up the V5s Pro is quite easy, and controlling it with the remote is convenient, but we quite appreciate the ability to use the onboard button to trigger a cleaning and/or shuffle between modes.



1. ILIFE V8s

The ILIFE V8s is what is perhaps the best robot vacuum-mop of all time!

The V8s has a gyroscopic navigator that is slim and has a self-adjustable suction head. Its brushless motor makes it tangle-free, quiet, and easy to maintain.

There are six cleaning modes and three levels of water dropping. When it comes to vacuuming, the V8s can pick up hair, dirt, and dust. Furthermore, it has a high-efficiency filter, filter cotton, and nylon mesh. As for suction, there is a low suction setting and a high suction setting.

Regarding mopping, the water tank and mop cloth work in unison to achieve their goal. To activate mopping, all you have to do is replace the dustbin with the water tank!

We like the vacuuming feature the most for fine debris, and we find that the mopping feature is better than most hybrids out there.

The path taken by the V8s is optimized through a smart system to cover as much real estate as possible in the shortest time possible. That is supplemented by the mechanical keys and LCD display that this bot has. More specifically, you can see easily-recognizable icons to know what is going on. As for the keys, you can find them on the bot itself or even the remote. The remote lets you switch between the three modes mentioned earlier:

  1. Spot cleaning is for cleaning certain areas.
  2. Max cleaning is to increase suction.
  3. Edge cleaning is for…edges!

You can drive the bot with the remote too.

Note that you can schedule cleanings beforehand. You do not have to worry about the V8s going to work when you are out and about as it adjusts its suction power on its own depending on what it encounters. Also, it senses obstacles and heights to avoid collisions and falls. It climbs over 15 mm thresholds at 15 degrees just fine. Finally, the V8s docks itself to recharge, but you can manually charge it too.


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