eureka NER650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Release DateNovember 10, 2022
Dimensions14″ x 14″ x 3.8″
Suction Power2,000 Pa
Dustbin Volume800 ml
Runtime2 hours
Charging Time2+ hours
Noise Level70 decibels
Battery Power3,350 mAh
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, eureka app

eureka NER650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This is a robot vacuum that has LDS navigation, so the NER650 detects your home, navigates it in zigzag rows, dodges obstacles with its 30 sensors, avoids falling off heights through smart cliff sensors, self-charges whenever the battery is about to run out, and then resumes from where it left off.

On one battery charge, the NER650 can cover up to 2,152 square feet of area. It redocks at around 15% battery and is better than its competition at doing that without getting stuck.

Cleaning methodology

The NER650 has an anti-scratching brush roll and BLDC motor. It takes care of dirt, dust, hair, and more. The V-shaped semi-floating brush roll is there to take care of farfetched spots. There is also a HEPA filter. The NER650 goes under furniture to clean there if needed too.

There are three suction level options, and all of them are unfortunately loud. The options are standard, low, and high.

Floor-type detection

Whenever the NER650 comes across a carpet, suction is automatically boosted for thorough cleaning. Needless to say, the NER650 can transition between surface types if there is a small threshold. In fact, the NER650 is exceptionally good at this, but this is also a double-edged sword. That is because your NER650 will likely be overly ambitious in climbing items that should have been considered as obstacles…

Real-time mapping

The NER650 has 360 degree omnidirectional scanning and LiDAR, the latter of which stands for light detection and ranging. LiDAR is known for superior mapping and navigation in the dark.

The NER650 can generate floorplans. You can set customized cleaning options as well as no-go zones for if there are areas in your home with fragile decor, for example.

Clean how you want

You can use the eureka app to schedule a cleaning and control your NER650 from wherever you want. You also have Alexa and Assistant at your disposal for voice control purposes. The NER650 talks to you to inform you of its status as well.


The NER650 is another successful addition to the robot vacuum world that may capture your interest.

  • Great navigation
  • Huge dustbin
  • D-shaped
  • Louder than average
  • May climb obstacles