Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop
Release DateJuly 13, 2021
Dimensions13.1″ x 12.4″ x 4.2″
Weight38.4 lbs
Suction4,000 Pa
Dustbin450 ml
Clean & Dirty Water Tank4L + 4L
Runtime210 minutes
Battery6,400 mAh
ControlAmazon Alexa & app

Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

The Dreame Bot W10 Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum and Mop has an auto-dry system. It comes packed with two rotating mop pads. It tackles dirt and stains simultaneously. More specifically, 10 Newtons of pressure are applied to pads that spin a whopping 180 times a minute! Disclaimer: actual performance varies depending on the home environment at hand.

When its pads get dirty, the W10 automatically redocks so that the pads are sprayed with water and then spin quickly against little grooves to get rid of the dirt. At the same time, there is a nozzle at the dock’s bottom that deposits dirty water into a waste-water tank to avoid contamination. Additionally, the W10 redocks to recharge when its battery is low. It then continues from where it left off.

When the mopping cycle is finished, and when the W10 has returned to the base for the last time, the pads are then rinsed and dried using hot air to avoid bacterial growth or mildew.

Two water tanks

If you read the specs table above, you may have been confused by having two water tanks. Simply put, one is for clean water while the other is for dirty water, so you do not need to frequently refill or dump. In fact, the W10 can clean 300 square meters by itself before needing a charge again. We quite like the size of the dirty water tank.

That D-shape!

Because of its D-shape, the W10 can hug walls tightly, and side brushes capture debris from the edge. The oversized roller covers more real estate. The powerful suction power removes dust and dirt effectively.

Advanced mapping

The W10 updates its surroundings’ map a dozen times faster than before, and that is because of its navigation system that is a combination of LDS (laser direct sensor), LiDAR (light detection and ranging) and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping). About the dozen times: again, this may vary per home. Anyway, the bot can navigate its perimeter even in the dark! Furthermore, systematic cleaning paths are also created, storing up to three floorplans.

Once the W10 has drawn out a floorplan of your home, you can then divide the home into rooms to set custom cleaning through the app instead of cleaning your whole home each and every time. Thankfully, the app is easy to connect to.

Spatially aware

Because of ultrasonic carpet detection, the W10 identifies a carpet in advance, plans a route according to the current mode, and automatically boosts suction to the max when there is a carpet. In other modes, the W10 detours around carpets so they are not wet. Who wants a wet carpet, right?

Moving on, 1.8 cm thresholds can be climbed. Needless to say, this state-of-the-art bot has anti-drop functionality too, so it avoids falling off heights like stair sets…

Three modes

About the modes, there are three you can choose through the app:

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Mopping
  3. All-in-one

Besides the app, you can also use Amazon Alexa to voice control the W10.


The W10’s revolutionary mop pads are a breath of fresh air compared to other robot combos.

  • Revolutionary mop pads
  • Dirty water tank size
  • Quick app setup
  • Smaller dustbin



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