Release DateNovember 9, 2017
Dimensions13.4″ × 13.0″ × 3.7″
Weight7.04 lbs
Dustbin Volume500 ml
Water Tank Volume320 ml
Runtime90 minutes
Charging Time4 hours
Noise Level62 dB
Voltage100-240 V
Surface Typeshardwood, marble, tile, laminate, glass, epoxy
Cleaning Modesstandard, strong, eco, kitchen, dry, pet, polish
CompatibilityHOBOT LEGEE app, remote
Battery Typelithium ion


The 688 has a useful remote, but if you are lucky enough to make the app work, you can control the 688 using the HOBOT LEGEE app for the following:

  • Dynamic control
  • Scheduling
  • Real-time map

You can also pick one of the seven Talent Clean modes:

  1. Standard: for generic usage
  2. Strong: for deep cleaning
  3. ECO: to operate quietly and save energy
  4. Kitchen: to clean spills, splashes, and stains
  5. Dry: when cleaning hardwood floors
  6. Pet: to clean hair and pawprints
  7. Polish: for shining and brightness

There is also one custom mode.

Let us dive deeper into the modes!

Kitchen mode

The 688 divides an area into 1.5 × 1.5 m² and then sprays a lot of water to dissolve stains. Then, it mops and absorbs those stains.

Pet mode

Vacuum power is increased, and the volume of water sprayed is also increased with higher mop frequency.

Strong mode

This provides maximum vacuum power and higher mop frequency.

ECO mode

This mode employs low power consumption with minimal vacuum power and the lowest mopping frequency while staying quiet.

Polish mode

The 688 will clean the floor by increasing water-spraying volume and mopping frequency. Speed is reduced to remove old dirt and water marks from the floor.

Standard mode

For if you do not know which mode you need

Dry mode

If you have a moisture-sensitive hard floor, then this mode is for you. Water spraying is disabled, and vacuum power is slightly enhanced. The 688 becomes slower so you floor is cleaned well without water.

Other features

  • The real-time map shows the 688 as it cleans.
  • The cleaning diary lets you check the last 10 cleaning missions, such as the cleaned area and duration.
  • The schedule queue is a weekly scheduler so you pre-schedule a cleaning once a day.
  • Smart navigation technology is brought to effect through three long lasers upfront.
  • Encoder, gyroscope, and e-compass technologies are present too.

Three cleaning routes

  1. Zigzag cleaning
  2. Wall-follow cleaning
  3. Auto-cleaning*

*The 688 divides the area into 4.4 × 4.4 m², zigzags around, and then finishes up with wall-follow cleaning.

The 688 utilizes the 4-in-1 FastBrush, and it features a tangle-free design. Its D-shape allows it to clean corners with ease, thanks to the detachable side brush as well.

The carved deflector is supposed to allow the entry of larger debris like beans, but we do not recommend the 688 for such large debris. Instead, reserve it for dust and lighter debris like coffee grounds and flour.

As for the mop, its speed is 600-800 times per minute, and it releases enough water to clean without residue, thanks to the microfiber mopping cloth that absorbs.

More features

  • The filter is comprised of two layers.
  • There is a high-efficiency Nidec brushless DC motor and metal fan for durability and low noise.
  • There are two cliff lasers under the front edge to avoid falling from heights.
  • The 688 gives you maintenance reminders.
  • The 688 docks on its own, thanks to 4M IR detection.*
  • The caterpillar-belt design prevents slipping.**

*The 688 may stain the floor when it docks due to the dock’s inconsiderate design.

**While the design does prevent slipping, it makes the bot shakier, but that is only visual.


The HOBOT LEGEE-688 is a decent robot vacuum-mop hybrid if you do not insist on a functional app.

  • Many modes
  • No water residue
  • Does not slip
  • Not for carpets
  • Not for large debris
  • Sloppy docking
  • App may not work



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