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lubluelu Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo
Released March 22, 2023

6. lubluelu SL61

The lubluelu SL61 vacuum-mop combo comes with LDS and LiDAR mapping technology coupled with SLAM, the latter of which is a type of navigation that identifies the layout of your home fast, building up to five maps. The SL61’s LiDAR radius extends up to several meters.

App features

When setting a cleaning schedule, you can customize cleaning per floor, and you do not need to have the mapping process repeated every time you activate the SL61 on a different floor.

You can divide up the rooms into categories such as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Several no-go zones can set to prevent the SL61 from going to certain places.

Regarding surroundings

The technology of the SL61 is supposed to have LDS that is three times the average. The laser range is supposed to adapt to a variety of complicated home layouts, achieving more effective planning of routes.

The whopping 22 sensors of the SL61 make it avoid obstacle collisions. It also avoids falling off any heights. The off-road wheels of the SL61 are supposed to help it cross thresholds. When the battery is low, the SL61 redocks to recharge and then resume from where it left off.

How it cleans

The SL61 packs a brushless motor, which is known for less noise and tangling. There are a few suction modes that are complemented by dual side brushes in addition to a roller brush that is combined with rubber brushes. This way, the SL61 can pick up pet hair, dirt, and dust deeply embedded in carpets as well as on floors, including tile & laminate, in zigzag pattern movements.

Carpet encounters cause the SL61 to automatically boost the suction. High efficiency filtration is featured as well. The cleaning modes at your disposal are:

  • Automatic cleaning
  • Edge cleaning
  • Zone cleaning
  • Spot cleaning
  • Double cleaning
  • Scheduled cleaning

About its mopping

Through the precision micro-control water pump, you get to choose from low, medium, or high flow levels. The SL61 employs Y-shaped mopping to simulate manual mopping by a real person. The mop shines your floors, picking up more dirt than just vacuuming.

More about smart control

You can use the smart life app, which is updateable, to do things like:

  • Setting cleaning schedules
  • Setting no-go zones
  • Monitoring the cleaning path
  • Changing the cleaning mode
  • Adjusting the suction level
  • Adjusting the water level

You can use voice control too through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The SL61 also gives you voice notifications about its status.

Vacuum-mop combo
Mapping feature
Decent for corners

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Honiture G20 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo 3 in 1
Released April 22, 2022

5. Honiture G20

The Honiture G20 robot vacuum-mop hybrid cleans the floor and then mopping mode is turned on. You can choose to vacuum only, mop only, or both simultaneously.

Vacuuming & mopping

During vacuuming, suction is boosted automatically when a carpet is found, taking out pet hair and other debris. Different surface types can be transitioned between.

The water tank is electrically controlled, and there are three water output levels: small, medium, and large. Fill the tank with water before use, and you can add non-foaming detergent to the tank to optimize results.

There are four cleaning modes:

  1. Zigzag
  2. Spot
  3. Edge
  4. Random

Before you enjoy the cleaning modes, install the side brushes per color code. Whenever the dustbin is full, you can simply pop open the top flap to unveil the easy-to-take-out dustbin. Charging happens automatically after a cleaning session.

Fun fact: the G20 will likely leave pleasingly symmetrical lines on your carpet instead of a messy pattern.

Navigational details

You may be glad to know that the G20 has gyroscopic navigation, so your home can be automatically scanned, and simple maps are generated. Missing and repeating spots are prevented.

There is an anti-drop sensor to prevent the G20 from falling off heights like stairs. The G20 can go under furniture if needed.

If you have fragile items in your household, you can set magnetic strips to protect them from the bot. You would have to then use the function on the HonySmart app in order to sync the magnetic strips. You can check the cleaning progress on your phone wherever you are.

Smarter control

Thanks to voice and app control, you can name your G20 whichever name you want. You can set your desired cleaning schedule and path through the app in addition to setting the suction power level. You can also trigger or stop a cleaning through Amazon Alexa voice prompts. The remote is convenient as well.

Final facts

Two more facts:

  • There is a three-stage HEPA filter for the filtration of surrounding air.
  • There is a Nidec brushless motor to reduce noise and hair entanglement.

Vacuum-mop modes
Gyroscopic navigation
Air filtration
Quieter than average

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OKP K5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Released August 19, 2022

4. OKP K5

The OKP K5 is a brushless robot vacuum for carpets and hard floors, including tile. Brushless often means no tangling and also low noise. Furthermore, the K5 has three suction power levels: silent, standard, and strong. There is a three-layer HEPA filter in addition.

Cleaning profile

The K5 moves in zigzag patterns by default, and it has two side brushes for efficiency & time-saving purposes. Because of its short stature, it can go under furniture if needed. Moreover, it has Free Move Tech, an anti-collision system, and it has more than a dozen sets of anti-collision infrared sensors as well as built-in 6D intelligent sensors to avoid obstacles. Heights are also detected to prevent the K5 from falling.

Thresholds can be climbed over, such as when transitioning from floor to carpet. Whenever charging is needed, the K5 does so by itself.

Here are the modes:

  • Auto clean
  • Random clean
  • Along-edge clean
  • Spot clean
  • Timed clean
  • Manual control

In case you did not know, spot clean is for the intensified cleaning of a certain area.

App compatibility

The K5, which has wifi and Bluetooth support, can be controlled by the OKP app in order to:

  • Schedule a cleaning session.
  • Find the K5.
  • Remotely control it.
  • View the cleaning records.

Brushless design
Decent suction

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AIRROBO Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Released July 6, 2022


Designed by a top industrial team in Europe, the AIRROBO P20 is a slim robot vacuum that removes litter, dust, and pet hair from both floors & low-pile carpets. It works well on tile, and of course, the carpet performance is good. In fact, the P20 increases its suction when on carpets.

Basic cleaning details

If needed, the P20 can go under furniture, such as a couch, to clean there. Expect dirt, food, and hair to absorbed. Fortunately, the dustbin does not fill up quickly, and it is easy to both detach & reattach.

With significant computing power, the P20 can cover up to 1,500 square feet of space in quiet mode on one charge. Otherwise, when not in quiet mode, the P20’s noise level may be described as medium.

When the battery is low, the P20 retreats automatically to recharge. It actually runs for the advertised two-hour runtime, and its redocking has been tested to be consistent.

The P20 has a floating scraper strip that enhances the suction inlet’s ability to fit all kinds of floors, deeply cleaning fine dust between tiles. Furthermore, a Japanese Nidec motor is featured.

Since the P20 charges automatically, it is always ready to clean your home. It has infrared sensors to avoid obstacles and fall-sensing tech to avoid falling. Carpets, door thresholds, and other short heights can be climbed if needed.

Proprietary app

AIRROBO’s proprietary app allows smart control over the P20. You are a few steps away from doing so. You can control P20 at any time from any place. You can even set a time to clean. The remote is easy to use too.

Advanced cleaning details

From deep cleaning to fast cleaning speed options, the P20 can clean a number of rooms and floors. Besides the four cleaning modes, there are four suction modes too:

Suction ModeSuction Power
Quiet800 Pa
Standard1,500 Pa
Powerful1,900 Pa
Max2,800 Pa

This is a considerable improvement over the previous AIRROBO P10.

Here are the cleaning modes:

  1. Auto cleaning
  2. Spot cleaning
  3. Edge cleaning
  4. Manual cleaning

Spot cleaning is for intensified cleaning of a certain area, and edge cleaning is for corners & ledges etc. The P20’s edge cleaning is particularly effective at removing almost all dirt lodged in a room’s corners.

User guide

You can utilize the intuitive user guide that comes with the P20 to start your cleaning journey with your new companion.

Slim profile
Cleaning performance
Dustbin design
Smooth movement
Smart control

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Vactidy Nimble Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Released October 11, 2022

2. Vactidy Nimble T6

The Vactidy Nimble T6 can pick up debris, dust, and hair from your hard floors & low-pile carpets. It has three levels of suction:

Suction ModeSuction Power
Quiet2,000 Pa
Standard1,500 Pa
Max1,000 Pa

You can activate quiet mode for the least noise disturbance.

How it vacuums

The Nimble T6 has two spinning automatic side-sweeping brushes that extend beyond the reach of the vacuum, rotating and catching dirt on surfaces such as hardwood. The roller brush is supposed to provide a deep cleaning of fine dust regardless of the floor type.

How it senses

The T6 has anti-collision & anti-drop sensors to avoid bumping into things and falling off heights. If there is a transition from a hard floor to a carpet, the T6 can climb the threshold. With its thin body, it can go under furniture to clean under there too. It also has 360° wheels to help it access corners and so on. When the battery is low or a cleaning session is completed, the T6 redocks to recharge.

Control options

You can set a schedule for the T6 to operate using Vactidy’s app. If you would like voice control instead, you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Furthermore, you have a remote control as an option.

The cleaning modes are:

  • Auto cleaning
  • Room cleaning
  • Zigzag cleaning
  • Spot cleaning (intense cleaning of a certain area)
  • Edge cleaning (for edges, wall sides, and corners)

You can use the app to switch between the modes, and manual driving is possible as well.

Interesting tidbits

The T6 has solid hardware and should not scratch its surroundings. Its specialty is vacuuming dust. Its dual sweeping brushes double the efficiency. Furthermore, the max mode actually boosts suction in a noticeable way.

The T6 also comes with replacements that spare you from the hassle of searching elsewhere for parts. Even its battery is replaceable.

Suction monster
Quality hardware
Spatial awareness
Cleanable brush

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Thamtu G2 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo
Released October 15, 2022

1. Thamtu G2

The Thamtu G2 is a robot vacuum-mop with a brushless suction port, an innovation that is known to reduce tangling & noise when picking up pet hair and so on. There are dual side brushes too, and the three-layer filtration system should filter out most air pollutants. The water tank is electronically controlled, and you can choose from a low, medium, or high water volume.

Cleaning modes

Regarding the cleaning modes:

  1. Auto: default
  2. Spot: intensified cleaning of a certain area
  3. Edge: edges, ledges, and corners

How it maneuvers

The relatively short height of the G2 allows it under most furniture if needed. Its diameter makes it maneuver between furniture too. Short thresholds can be climbed as well.

The anti-collision and anti-drop sensors prevent the G2 from bumping into obstacles as well as falling off heights. Once the battery is low or a cleaning session is nearing its end, the G2 redocks in order to recharge.

Unlockable features

With the Thamtu app, you can unlock features like:

  • Scheduling a cleaning
  • Finding the G2
  • Controlling the G2
  • Commanding the G2 to recharge
  • Viewing the cleaning history

You can use the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control functionality too.

Vacuum-mop combo
Smooth maneuvers
Easy part replacement
App features

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Thamtu G2

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