Bagotte BG600

10. Bagotte BG600

This budget robot vacuum is quite easy to set up. Once you do so, it uses a three-point cleaning system that involves three brushes and suction in order to loosen, extract, and vacuum. The two side brushes are there for a thorough cleaning. The BG600 strives to avoid clogging and tangling.

There are five cleaning modes, including a scheduled one. Here are the modes:

  1. Auto: the default mode
  2. Spot: to clean a certain area
  3. Max: for maximum suction power
  4. Edge: to clean alongside walls and corners
  5. Single room: for only one room

With the remote, you can:

  • Start the Bagotte.
  • Pause the Bagotte.
  • Stop the Bagotte.
  • Spot clean.
  • Access cleaning mode settings.
  • Deal with suction.

And more…

The large dustbin is perhaps how the BG600 shines the most. It is there to reduce the frequency of emptying.

The two large wheels of the BG600 move from surface type to type, such as hard floors to carpets, with ease. Furthermore, 0.68 inch thresholds can be climbed.

Thanks to its low profile, the BG600 can go under furniture. Additionally, it packs anti-collision sensors to avoid bumping into furniture and so on.

When about to run out of battery, the robot returns to the dock to charge itself. You can expect the BG600 to clean 1,200 square feet in one go!

Bagotte / Amazon

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner PUCRC25

9. Pyle PUCRC25

If you are familiar with Pyle, you probably know their sound equipment, but they also make robot vacuums!

The PUCRC25 is a Pure Clean robot vacuum for tiles, hardwood, and low-pile carpets. You can turn it on with one touch, and the power button doubles as a battery indicator.

The PUCRC25 rolls on three wheels, and if it ever needs to climb a short height, it will, and in case it is about to fall off a height, it has anti-fall cliff sensors to detect and avoid it.

Thanks to its sleek profile, the PUCRC25 can travel anywhere and under couches, beds, and so on.

Because of its filter, it keeps air pure by trapping dust particles within the dustbin. It does not get clogged with pet hair like robot vacuums that have rotating underbrushes.

The PUCRC25 actually has dual-rotating brushes. It has two auto side-sweeping brushes that extend its reach, and they rotate to catch any dirt in corners as well as on hardwood floors.

Needless to say, this vacuum does not require that you do a follow-up manual cleaning with a classic stick-vacuum.

The PUCRC25 also sports protective bumper-housing, and its obstacle detection prevents it from bumping into objects.

As for the dustbin, it is convenient to open and empty. Simply pop open the top flap. The design is automatic and bag-less to ensure that cleaning is as easy as can be.


Coredy R650 2-in-1 Robotic Sweep Vacuum

8. Coredy R650

This robot vacuum is so slim that it can go under most furniture. Furthermore, its strong suction allows it to absorb pet hair, dust, and large debris from your floors.

An interesting fact is that you can add custom artwork to this robot!

Back to the performance, whenever the R650 encounters a carpet, it increases suction. Also, the cleaning head and two large wheels are lifted to transition between surfaces smoothly. The R650 can climb thresholds that are up to 0.64 inches.

Now, you may have specific areas that you do not want to the R650 to clean. You are in luck because there are included magnetic boundary strips you can use to block off specific areas.

Note that the R650 also has anti-collision and anti-fall sensors to avoid colliding with objects and falling off heights.

As for the HEPA filter, it is washable, so you do not have to replace it that often. There are also preset and sponge filters to trap dust, reducing the amount of dust released back into the air.

The 180-degree dustbin is quite easy to access for emptying purposes.

The R650 is rather quiet at 65 decibels of maximal noise. In addition:

  • The two side brushes help with tough-to-reach areas.
  • The large dustbin reduces the need for frequent emptying.
  • The remote is convenient to use.
  • Magnetic strips are lifesavers for areas you want blocked off.

Finally, the vacuum aspect, which is the most important, works quite well, and suction is great.

Coredy / Amazon

yeedi k650

7. yeedi K650

This is a simultaneous robot vacuum-mop combo with a water tank, and the suction is good. It has three adjustable suction-power levels. Furthermore, it has a tangle-free brush made of silicone.

The k650 turns water on and off depending on the situation at hand. You can even choose the appropriate water flow for a specific situation.

This robot vacuum is best for family households with at least a single pet. If it is about to run out of battery, it retreats to the base to recharge. Furthermore, it has anti-collision and anti-fall sensors to avoid bumping into things as well as falling off heights.

You can schedule cleanings with the k650 using its app. You can issue voice commands with Amazon Alexa as well.

If you want the k650 to operate quietly, go for the quiet mode. Additionally, if you want it to avoid going to certain places, use a boundary strip to set a no-go zone.

More tidbits:

  • Short design
  • Large dustbin
  • Triple-filtration system
  • Random navigation



6. ILIFE A4s

The A4s utilizes the third generation of the CyclonePower cleaning system, which involves taking a random path while brushes sweep dust and dirt into a cleaning path, after which suction takes place.

Suction is good, and the dustbin can handle enough dirt to not need replacement midcycle. Furthermore, the battery life is long, and the robot vacuum is fairly quiet.

What is nice about the A4s is that it is good for multiple surface types as advertised. Furthermore, although dark floors are known to confuse robot vacuums, the A4s navigates dark floors just fine.

This is a smaller-than-average robot vacuum that is so slim that it goes under furniture with ease. It rarely bumps into things.

Moving on, at your disposal are the following modes:

  • Auto cleaning
  • Spot cleaning
  • Edge cleaning

Auto is the default mode, while spot and edge modes focus on one area and edges respectively.

You can also activate maximum suction using the remote control. Otherwise, you can schedule a specific time for the A4s to start cleaning even if you are out and about!


OKP K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

5. OKP Life K2

Equipped with 1,800 mAh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, this robot vacuum can run up to 100 minutes and cover 1,100 square feet when in low-suction mode.

Here is the breakdown of the different suction modes:

  • Low: 70-100 minutes
  • Mid: 50-70 minutes
  • High: 30-50 minutes

The K2 will go back to the charging dock by itself whenever running out of battery or finished with cleaning.

By the way, the filter is washable, which again is good.

Here are the cleaning modes that you can control via the decent app that is compatible with iOS and Android:

  • Auto-cleaning
  • Spot cleaning
  • Wall-follow cleaning
  • Manual cleaning

Through the app, you can:

  • Set a cleaning schedule.
  • Choose a different cleaning mode.
  • Control the direction of cleaning.

The remote gives you access to features that the app does not. The K2 is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa if you prefer giving voice commands.

Thanks to FreeMove Technology 2.0, there are 6D built-in sensors that are infrared and anti-collision, which the K2 utilizes while not following a random path like some other robot vacuums. The K2 rarely gets stuck.

There are two large wheels and an auto-adjusting cleaning head, which were made to navigate hard floors and carpets.

The K2 is its best when moving in straight lines across a hard floor. It goes under furniture well and climbs higher carpets well in addition. The cherry on top is the anti-drop technology to ensure the K2 does not fall off heights.

Regarding suction, the unique inlet is designed in a way that does not get it clogged with pet hair like other robot vacuums with a rotating brush. Not only does it not get clogged, it actually does a good job of picking up hair from dogs. Furthermore, it is rather quiet despite the solid suction power.

The K2’s star feature may be the dual side-brushes, and the maximum mode increases the suction power whenever that is needed.


eufy RoboVac 30C

4. eufy RoboVac 30C

Meet the RoboVac 30C, a prolific vacuum that is available in black and white!

The 30C is best for low-to-medium pile carpets in addition to tiles, laminate, and hardwood floors.

Through this bot’s three-point cleaning system, three brushes loosen, extract, and vacuum dirt, thanks to superior suction power. Additionally, large wheels roll over carpets and climb door ledges to ensure all dirt is reached. You can enjoy a clean home on a single charge without emptying the dustbin in the middle of a cycle.

This RoboVac’s navigation type ensures that it covers a whole room.

The vac packs a whopping nine anti-collision infrared sensors to prevent colliding with obstacles. Thanks to eufy, cable ties are provided regardless, so you can declutter your living space before deploying the 30C.

Needless to say, this short robot vacuum can go under furniture with ease. The 30C also has anti-falling sensors to avoid dropping off heights. There is a find feature too if the 30C ever gets lost.

The 30C can be controlled through a remote control, the EufyHome app, or voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can set boundary strips so this vacuum only cleans the areas you want. BoostIQ technology makes it automatically increase suction when some extra strength is needed.

Actually, the 30C is in BoostIQ mode by default, which you can confirm by using the app. All you need to do to change the default to standard or max mode is to simply press the fan icon on the app or even the remote. Standard suction mode works well too, but despite the powerful suction, this is an impressively quiet vacuum!



3. ILIFE V3s Pro

This robot vacuum packs a staggering 10 sets of infrared sensors upfront to guarantee maximal spatial awareness. Specifically:

  • Three anti-falling sensors prevent dangerous drops.
  • Accurate sensors avoid obstacles while protecting your furniture.
  • OBS (optical backscatter point) sensors identify a barrier to avoid hitting it

The damping structure and front TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) bumper of the V3s Pro protect the washable filter and furniture.

Moving on, the V3s Pro has RoadRover wheels that can ride over doorway thresholds. In general, it can cross obstacles that are approximately 12 mm in height. The V3s Pro’s slimness allows it under furniture easily.

Thanks to AirAway tech, double high-performance filters separate debris from dirt, which reduces clogging to maintain powerful suction over a long period. AirAway also produces fresh air in order to eliminate odors.

As for the powerful suction, it can pick up fur, hair, dust, and dirt without entanglement and without being noisy. All you have to do is press the clean button or set a weekly schedule so that the V3s Pro will start cleaning whenever scheduled. There is an LCD remote control available too.

Just like its state-of-the-art counterparts, the V3s Pro automatically goes back to its charging dock for recharging purposes.



2. ILIFE V5s Pro

Pick up fur, debris, dust, and dirt with ILIFE’s V5s Pro!

To transform this ILIFE bot into a mop, simply install the water tank and mop cloth. Thanks to iDropping technology, water use is minimized to prevent floor damage, but there is still enough water to mop.

The mop is okay, but the strongest suit of the V5s Pro is its vacuuming department. More specifically, the V5s Pro specializes in fine debris. It is indeed one of the best robot vacuums out there, and it is quiet.

Without further delay, here are the cleaning modes:

  1. Auto: the default mode for an inclusive cleaning
  2. Edge: to clean alongside walls and corners
  3. Spot: to clean a specific area
  4. Max: to increase suction to the max, especially for dusty areas

The V5s Pro’s slim profile allows it under furniture, and just like any other industry-standard bot, it packs smart sensors to clean hard-to-reach areas without bumping into obstacles nor falling from heights.

In fact, the V5s Pro avoids large obstacles pretty well. Furthermore, it crosses 10 mm thresholds at a 15 degree slope. Quite expectedly, whenever the battery is low, the V5s Pro retreats to the dock to charge.

Fortunately, setting up the V5s Pro is easy, and controlling it with the remote is convenient, but we quite appreciate the ability to use the onboard button to trigger a cleaning or shuffle between modes.


eufy RoboVac 11S

1. eufy RoboVac 11S

Chosen by Tom’s Guide as one of the best robot vacuums at one point, this mighty vac is available in both black and white and was reengineered to be the slimmest RoboVac, well, at least at the time of release.

Its BoostIQ technology automatically increases suction power within 1.5 seconds whenever that is needed. The RoboVac’s consistently powerful suction of 1,300 Pa gets no louder than your typical microwave.

In 100 minutes of runtime, the 11S can clean the average home on a single charge, thanks to the dustbin that is large enough to minimize the need for constant emptying. The 11S can collect all types of dirt and debris.

The combo of a dual-layer filter and high-performance filter ensures a clean home. Multiple cleaning modes and preset cleaning times make cleaning as effortless as can be.

This RoboVac learns your personality in a way. When it starts cleaning in auto or single-room mode, the next cleaning session goes according to the previously selected suction power.

The RoboVac’s large wheels roll over carpets and climb over ledges to reach farfetched dirt, and the bumper is tactically located upfront.

Although super slim, this marvelous vacuum robot packs enough innovation to outmatch thicker competitors. Being only 2.85″ tall, the 11S can go under furniture to make sure everything is clean under there. What seals the deal is the anti-scratch tempered glass on top that provides the RoboVac an elegant and protected look.

We like the convenient remote of the 11S because:

  • The top tells the time.
  • The middle indicates the suction power level.
  • The bottom displays the cleaning schedule.

Here are state-of-the-art features the 11S has:

  • Infrared sensor for obstacle evasion
  • Drop-sensing to avoid falls
  • Auto-docking and auto-recharging

We especially recommend the 11S on:

  • Low-pile carpets
  • Medium-pile carpets
  • Light-colored hardwood floors
  • Tiles
  • Laminate


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