Thamtu G2 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo
Dimensions16.93″ x 13.58″ x 4.45″
Weight5.3 lbs
Suction Power2,000 Pa
Battery Life130 minutes
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, app, remote

What you receive

  • G2 robot cleaner
  • Charging dock
  • Power adapter
  • Remote control
  • AAA batteries (2)
  • User manual
  • User guide for app
  • Side brushes (4)
  • Mopping stand & cloth
  • Spare mopping cloth
  • Filter & sponge
  • Cleaning brush

Thamtu G2 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

The G2 is a robot vacuum-mop with a brushless suction port, an innovation that is known to reduce tangling & noise when picking up pet hair and so on. There are dual side brushes too, and the three-layer filtration system should prevent more than 99% of air pollutants. The water tank is electronically controlled. You can choose from a low, medium, or high water volume.

Vacuum modes

  1. Auto: the default mode
  2. Spot: for the intensified cleaning of a certain area
  3. Edge: for edges, ledges, and corners

Spatial awareness

The 3″ height of the G2 allows it under most (but not all) furniture if needed. The 11.8″ diameter makes it maneuver between furniture too. 0.6″ thresholds can be climbed as well.

The anti-collision and anti-drop sensors prevent the G2 from bumping into things as well as falling off heights. Once the battery is low or a cleaning session is nearing its end, the G2 redocks to recharge.

Note that the G2 may rescan the same area over and over again, at least at first, but it should continue its journey eventually.

Smart control

With the Thamtu app, you can do things like:

  • Schedule a cleaning.
  • Find the G2.
  • Control the G2.
  • Command the G2 to recharge.
  • View the cleaning history.

You can use the Alexa or Assistant voice control functionality as well.


The Thamtu G2 is a class act that can vacuum your home with no tangling or loud noises in addition to mopping.

  • Tangle-free
  • Furniture maneuvering
  • Threshold crossing
  • Functional mopping
  • Easy parts replacement
  • Useful app
  • Bit too tall
  • May rescan areas