Pure Clean Smart Robot Vacuum PUCRC96B
Dimensions11.81’’ x 11.81’’ x 3.15″
Weight5.96 lbs
Suction Power1,500 Pa
Dustbin Volume300 ml
Runtime90 minutes
Charging Time4 hours
Battery Typenickel metal hydride (NiMH)
Control Methodremote control

In the box

  • Robot vacuum
  • Charging station
  • Remote control
  • Mopping attachment
  • Detachable sweep brushes (2)
  • Power/charge adapter

Pure Clean Smart Robot Vacuum PUCRC96B

This is a robot vacuum-mop hybrid. It uses gyroscope navigation to move in S-shaped patterns, but its overall movement seems to be random and inefficient.

You can schedule it so that it cleans at the time of your liking. It cleans:

  • Hardwood
  • Tiles
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Linoleum
  • Short/hard carpets

Whenever about to run out of battery, the PUCRC96B returns to the base on its own to recharge, but it may struggle to find the base from time to time, so put the base in clear sight and reduce the number of obstacles on the 96B’s path.

Cleaning methodology

When working, the 96B utilizes dual rotating brushes. There are two side sweeper brushes that extend the reach of the robot. They also rotate to catch dirt and debris on the floor or along edges and walls.

This bot was designed to limit hair entanglement as much as possible. As for the dust filter, it is good for allergies as it catches fine particles to keep them locked away in the dustbin that is easy to clean. The HEPA filter is reusable, and the primary filter is washable. This is a bag-less robot vacuum for your convenience.

Here are the modes at your disposal:

  • Auto: the default mode
  • Spiral edge: to clean along corners and walls
  • Zigzag: to move in a zigzag fashion

Movement ups and downs

Thanks to the thin profile, the 96B can fit under a lot of furniture. It also has anti-cliff sensors to avoid falling off heights. Furthermore, it has anti-collision technology to avoid bumping into things. It does get stuck, however, but it usually gets itself unstuck.

From our observation, this robot vacuum may be the worst of all time at transitioning from surface type to surface type, especially if there is some height involved, so take heed.


The Pure Clean PUCRC96B’s advantages are easily nullified by a slew of disadvantages that may put you off.

  • Agile
  • Quiet
  • Gets itself unstuck
  • Moves randomly
  • Transitions badly
  • Can get stuck
  • Redocks slowly