iRobot Roomba 671
Release DateApril 26, 2018
Weight6.8 lbs
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, iRobot app

What is in the box?

  • Roomba with AeroVac brushes
  • Home Base charging station
  • Line cord
  • Owner’s guide and documentation package

iRobot Roomba 671

The 671 uses a patented three-stage cleaning system with dual multi-surface brushes in addition to a specifically designed 27-degree edge-sweeping brush. It strives to suck in everything from small particles to large debris off your floor. There is also Dirt Detect technology to identify overly dirty areas and provide additional cleaning.

The auto-adjusting cleaning head adapts its height so the multi-surface brushes remain in close contact with different floor types as well as carpets, but it does not seem to catch what is in between surfaces…

Regardless, the first brush loosens, lifts, and sucks in dust, dirt, and hair. Then, the second brush brings debris into the suction channel, but this feature should have been implemented better. Anyway, the cherry on top is the filters that capture fine dust and debris.

What about navigation?

When it comes to navigation, the 671 utilizes iAdapt navigation, which includes a full suite of intelligent sensors that guide the bot around and under furniture. The 671 is smart enough to avoid heights and avoid falling off them as a result. It is just that there is one protruding sensor that may get the 671 stuck in certain situations…

In any case, when the battery is low, the bot goes back to the Home Base to recharge. It does this when a cleaning cycle is over as well.

Smart control

Thanks to the iRobot HOME app, you can schedule cleanings prior. You can schedule up to a whopping seven cleanings a week! You can also issue voice commands with Alexa and Assistant.

More about what the app lets you do:

  • Control cleanings.
  • Monitor cleaning activity.
  • View cleaning history.
  • Watch maintenance videos.


The Roomba 671 is as great as we expected, although minor flaws make it secondary to other Roombas…

  • Random but efficient
  • Easy maintenance
  • Useful app
  • Imperfect suction
  • Questionable sensor design



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