Approximate Release DateFebruary 27, 2017
Dimensions12.99″ x 12.60″ x 2.99″
Weight4.85 lbs
Runtime2 hours
Charging Time200 – 350 minutes
Dustbin Volume450 ml
Suction Power1,000 Pa
Surface Typestiles, hardwood floors, thin carpets
Cleaning Modespath, spot, edge, max

Other edition

A4s Pro

ILIFE A4s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power Suction

The A4s employs the third generation of the CyclonePower cleaning system, which involves taking a random path while brushes sweep dust and dirt into a cleaning path, after which suction takes place.

Suction is good, and the dustbin can handle enough dirt not to need replacement midcycle. Furthermore, the battery life is long, and the robot vacuum is quite quiet.

What is nice about the A4s is that it is good for multiple surface types as advertised, which is not always the case with robot vacuums. Furthermore, although dark floors are known to confuse robot vacuums, the A4s navigates dark floors just fine, but still be wary.

This is a smaller-than-average robot vacuum. It is so slim that it goes under furniture with ease. It rarely bumps into things, and when it does, it does so lightly.

All the different modes

At your disposal are the following modes:

  • Auto
  • Spot
  • Edge

Auto is the default mode, while spot and edge focus on one area and edges respectively.

You can also activate max suction using the remote control, which is actually the only way you can remotely control the A4s. There is no app control.

You can schedule a specific time for the A4s to start cleaning even if you are out and about.

Is the A4s a flawless robot vacuum?

No, but it is still quite good. The main issue is returning to base when the battery is low. If the charging dock is far, it may lose battery on the way there, especially if there are many obstacles to go around. This can be typical for a robot vacuum that does not perform mapping.


If you can overlook the auto-recharging that is sometimes faulty, the A4s is one of the better robot-vacuum options on the market.

  • Slim and maneuverable
  • Rarely collides with things
  • Dustbin and battery life
  • Quiet sound
  • Works with many surfaces
  • No app control
  • Auto-recharging not the best



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