Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop
Release DateJuly 17, 2023
Robot Dimensions13″ x 13″ x 4″
Base Dimensions24″ x 17″ x 20″
Robot Weight9.5 lbs
Base Weight29.3 lbs
Suction Power7,000 Pa
Dust Bag Volume3.2 L
Clean Water Tank Volume4.5 L
Dustbin Volume300 ml
Water Tank Volume80 ml
Battery Life180-260 minutes
Charging Time210 minutes
Noise Level63-68 decibels
Battery Power6,400 mAh
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, app

Within the package

  • Base station
  • Base station ramp-extension plate
  • Power cable
  • Side brush
  • Cleaning brush
  • Dust collection bags (2)
  • Mopping pads (2)
  • Mopping pad holders (2)
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual

Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop

With the model number of RLX41CE, the DreameBot L20 Ultra is here to take care of the dust, dirt, debris, and hair in your home. It has a Vormax suction system to pull in more dirt than usual.

Self-sufficient station

The base station is automatic, and through DualBoost 2.0, it can collect up to 75 days of dirt before your involvement is needed. Furthermore, the station washes the mop, dries it, and adds water & solution before a mopping session. 300 square meters can be covered during a mop sesh.

Cleaning style

The L20 Ultra packs an effective rubber brush for vacuuming and dual high-speed rotary mops that scrub under pressure through the DuoScrub mopping system.

Different modes

The different cleaning modes are:

  • Mop only
  • Vacuum then mop
  • Vacuum and mop

The suction modes are:

  • Quiet
  • Strong
  • Turbo

Spatial awareness

This LiDAR-based robot vacuum-mop combo has the following three things to learn your home’s layout, identify more than 50 kinds of objects, and clean well:

  1. AI action
  2. Pathfinger smart navigation
  3. 3D structured light obstacle avoidance

Up to four floor maps can be generated. The bot also has LED. Back to the LiDAR, it helps the L20 Ultra clean in neat rows as well as quickly navigate to areas for spot cleaning.

The L20 Ultra has a Position Sensitive Detector, so it can recognize edges and corners. Then, the MopExtend assembly automatically extends the mops so that there is a deeper cleaning of such areas. Otherwise, the mops are raised by 10.5 mm whenever needed, such as when a carpet is encountered. Who wants their carpets mopped, right? Anyway, 2 cm thresholds can be crossed, such as when transitioning from floor to carpet.

Smart control

With the app, you can set no-go zones, divide up rooms, and schedule cleaning sessions etc. The L20 Ultra gives you recommendations based on how your home is. For example:

Living roomDailyOnce

As for voice control, you can, for instance, use Amazon Alexa to say something like, “Alexa, ask Dreame to start vacuuming.” You can also stop or pause a cleaning that way.


The most significant features of the L20 Ultra are perhaps the MopExtend and Position Sensitive Detector.

  • Vacuum-mop hybrid
  • Self-emptying
  • LiDAR navigation
  • Rubber brush
  • Dual mops
  • Solution dispensing
  • Edge cleaning
  • Customization options



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