OKP L1 Robot Vacuum
Release DateJuly 6, 2022
Dimensions12.99″ x 12.99″ x 3.74″
Weight9.83 lbs
Suction Power3,800 Pa
Dustbin Volume500 ml
Runtime2.5 hours
Charging Time3-4 hours
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, OKP App

In the box

  • L1 robot vacuum
  • Charging dock
  • Adapter
  • Side brushes
  • Filter sponge
  • HEPA
  • User manual

OKP L1 Robot Vacuum

This OKP robot vacuum has LiDAR navigation, and LiDAR stands for light detection and ranging, which is known for superior mapping as well as navigation in the dark. With FreeMove 3.0 laser navigation, the L1 is here to scan your home, put together a real-time multistory map, and navigate your home with precise zigzag movement.

How it cleans

The L1 recognizes the floor that it is on once it is set there. The L1 is good for both hard floors and carpets whether you have hair, dirt, or debris that needs getting taken care of. It can also go under furniture if needed. Furthermore, it has an anti-falling functionality to avoid dropping of heights like stairs.

There is a unique inlet design that strives not to get clogged with hair like a rotating brush may. This is especially good if you have a pet. The L1 does have a roller brush, though. There is also HEPA filtration.

Whenever the battery is low, the L1 redocks to recharge and then resume. One battery cycle should last about 150 square meters of coverage.

Multiple cleaning modes

The cleaning modes of the L1 are:

  • Spot cleaning
  • Partial cleaning
  • Manual cleaning
  • Scheduled cleaning

In case you did not know, spot cleaning is the intensified cleaning of a certain area in a spiral motion. Otherwise, the suction modes include standard, silent, and strong.

Smart control

You can switch between cleaning modes using the OKP application. Also, you can:

  • Create a cleaning schedule.
  • Control the cleaning direction.
  • Set a no-go zone.

Yes, you can set a no-go zone on the map! We just wish it was possible to zoom in on the map to drop pins more easily…

You can also use Alexa or Assistant for voice control, such as to start or stop a cleaning session. The L1 also talks to you to inform you of its status. However, it seems to do so more than the average robot vacuum, so hopefully, OKP can patch this with an update to either toggle this feature off or simply reduce its frequency, such as only talking to you if the L1 is stuck and needs help.


The L1 is a straightforward bot vacuum that can benefit from a more user-friendly app and less talking.

  • Decent suction
  • Good movement
  • Incessant voice notifications
  • App can be clunky