DreameBot D10 Plus
Release DateMarch 15, 2022
Dimensions13.74″ x 13.78″ x 3.79″
Weight22.6 lbs
Suction Power4,000 Pa
Dustbag Volume2.5 L
Dustbin Volume400 ml
Water Tank Volume145 ml
Runtime150-180 minutes
Battery Power5,200 mAh
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa & app

Pro edition

DreameBot D10s Pro (also available on Amazon)

DreameBot D10 Plus

This robot vacuum is self-emptying for up to 45 days. The auto-empty base station dumps dust and dirt quietly yet quickly into a dust bag while avoiding clogging. All you need to do is simply dump the bag!

Dirt from floor is lifted through strong suction to then be deposited into the dust box. You get to choose from four suction modes, and there is advanced carpet detection that is adaptable.

LiDAR feature

This is a LiDAR based robot vacuum, and LiDAR means light detection and ranging. This state-of-the-art feature is often associated with superior mapping as well as navigation in the dark. Multi-floor maps are supported. SLAM is featured too, and SLAM stands for simultaneous localization and mapping.

Mopping functionality

Just when you thought the D10 Plus was impressive enough, it also serves as a robot mop! You can set the water usage yourself. Thanks to the water tank and three volume options, you can set water usage and mop dampness.

Smart control

Besides Amazon Alexa for voice control, you can customize cleaning through the app by:

  • Choosing a cleaning mode
  • Cleaning a certain room
  • Placing a virtual wall
  • Setting a no-go zone


  • Self-emptying
  • Mops too
  • Accurate mapping
  • Carpet detection
  • Quiet
  • Easy, useful app

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