eufy Clean L60 Robot Vacuum
Release DateOctober 2023
Dimensions13.9″ x 5.6″ x 17.5″
Weight6.9 lbs
Suction Power5,000 Pa
Dustbin Volume350 ml
Battery Life30-120 minutes
Charging Time4-6 hours
Battery Power2,600 mAh
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, eufy Clean app

What you receive

  • eufy Clean L60
  • Charging dock
  • Power supply
  • Cleaning tool
  • Quick start manual

eufy Clean L60 Robot Vacuum

The eufy Clean L60 is a robot vacuum that can take care of the hair, dust, crumbs, and more in your home. In fact, it will likely surprise you with the amount that is picks up (thanks to the decently sized dustbin), even if you thought your home is not that dirty. Otherwise, there are four suction levels at your disposal. There is also a replaceable HEPA filter.

Handling tips

There are two buttons on the L60: power and home. Take out the little foam pads on the sides of the bot before you deploy it. After cleaning, you can easily pop out the dustbin by pressing on its sides.

You will probably have to detach the L60 from its dock when emptying the dustbin because the L60 backs into the dock (which has adhesive at the bottom), and its dustbin is in the back. The dock needs 0.5-1.5 m of space around it.

iPath & LiDAR

After the quick unboxing & setup (and you should go online if you find the quick-start manual insufficient), you may realize that the L60 has iPath laser navigation to utilize LiDAR for the scanning of rooms and creation of accurate maps. The goal, you may ask? Well, that is for the generation of accurate and efficient cleaning pathways in your home! It is worth noting that the L60 is quite fast at mapping.

App & map

Using the wifi/Bluetooth eufy Clean app and customizable A.I Map 2.0, you can choose certain rooms or zones to clean as well as set up virtual boundaries & no-go zones. The L60 actually respects the no-go zones.

This robot vacuum supports multi-floor mapping, so if your home has up to three floors, you are in luck. Give the L60 a few runs to make the map more and more precise. The app should notify you when a part needs replacement, probably due to wear and tear.

MacGyver maneuvers

The L60 moves in a zigzag pattern. It knows its way around obstacles. In other words, it avoids them, but it also gets close enough to them to clean around them, even if that means a very gentle bump.

If there is a 20 mm threshold or shorter, the L60 can go over it. In actuality, the L60 seems to be able to go over taller thresholds than competitor robot vacuums in the industry, which is impressive.

That said, the L60 may also try to climb objects in an undesirable way, and corners seem to slow it down. On the bright side, it avoids falling off heights.

BoostIQ tech

Thanks to BoostIQ, the L60 will automatically increase its suction whenever on a surface that requires such a thing. Often, this happens on carpets, which the L60 happens to be better than average at cleaning. It is also no slouch on hardwood or tile either. Plus, its brush should not tangle with hair. Also, it has a side brush.

Its runtime

Regarding the battery, you can expect your L60 to clean 1,400 square feet on one charge. Though, it may redock after as little as 30 minutes. Your L60 will tell you how much real estate it cleaned as well as how long it took.

Talking with the L60

The L60 can talk to you! You can set the language & volume, and it can tell you:

  • If a cleaning session is finished
  • That it is docking
  • When it is charging
  • That you should set it down (if you are carrying it)

You also have Amazon Alexa to which you can say, “Alexa, ask RoboVac to clean.”

Some disclaimers

  • If your L60 does not clean every part of a certain room, set that room as a zone to clean.
  • If your L60 says it is stuck when it is not, it is possibly struggling to exit a room with a narrow doorway.
  • You might prefer to vacuum or blow compressed air through the dustbin and washable filter for emptying.
  • As always, declutter your floors as much as possible when deploying a robot vacuum like the L60.


With the L60, it has become clear that the Clean series of eufy is a worthy sequel to the RoboVac line.

  • Quick setup
  • Fast multi-floor mapping
  • Obstacle evasion
  • Height avoidance
  • No-go zones
  • Has filters
  • Dustbin size
  • Carpet specialist
  • Floor performance
  • Anti-tangling brush
  • Bluetooth app
  • Voice control
  • Vocal notifications
  • May climb objects
  • Slow around corners
  • Sometimes redocks earlier
  • Dustbin location



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