AIRROBO Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Release DateJuly 6, 2022
Weight8.53 lbs
Suction Power2,800 Pa
Dustbin Volume600 ml
Runtime2 hours
Noise Level53-55 decibels
Control MethodsAIRROBO app & remote control

What you get

  • Remote control
  • Charging base
  • AC power adapter
  • Cleaning tool
  • Side brushes (4)
  • User guide

AIRROBO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Designed by a top industrial team in Europe, the AIRROBO P20 is a three-inch ultra thin robot vacuum that removes litter, dust, and pet hair from both floors & low-pile carpets. It works well on tiles, and of course, the carpet performance is good. In fact, the P20 increases suction when on carpets.

If needed, the P20 can go under furniture, such as a couch, to clean there too. Expect dirt, food, and hair to picked up. Fortunately, the dustbin does not fill up quickly, and it is easy to detach & reattach.

With 32 bit MCU computing power, the P20 can cover up to 1,500 square feet of space in quiet mode on one charge. Otherwise, when not in quiet mode, the P20’s noise level can be described as medium.

Whenever the battery is low, the P20 retreats automatically to recharge. It actually runs for the advertised two-hour runtime, and its redocking has been tested to be flawless.

You can use the easy-to-follow user guide that comes with the P20 to start your cleaning journey with your new companion!

Scraper technology

The P20 has a floating scraper strip that enhances the suction inlet’s ability to fit all kinds of floors, deeply cleaning fine dust in between tiles. A Japanese Nidec motor is featured.

Spatial awareness

Since the P20 charges automatically, it is always ready to clean. It has infrared sensors to avoid obstacles and fall-sensing tech to prevent falling. Carpets, door thresholds, and other 20 mm heights can be climbed if needed.

The P20 may experience a few bumps on the road, but that is not crucial; it is simply the way it moves. Also, you should not worry about it falling, and it indeed crosses thresholds like floor dividers as advertised, so it navigates between rooms on its own.

Smart control

AIRROBO’s proprietary app allows smarter control over the P20. You are three steps away from doing so:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Add the device.
  3. Join a wifi network within 20 meters.

Once all is said and done, you can control P20 at any time from any place. You can even set a cleaning time. The remote is easy to use as well.

Different modes

From deep cleaning to fast cleaning speed options, the P20 can clean a multitude of rooms and floors. Besides the four cleaning modes, there are also four suction modes:

Suction ModeSuction Power
Quiet800 Pa
Standard1,500 Pa
Powerful1,900 Pa
Max2,800 Pa

This is a considerable improvement over the previous AIRROBO P10. Regarding the 2,800 Pa suction power, it is only for the spiral and spot cleaning modes.

Speaking of which, here are the cleaning modes:

  1. Auto cleaning
  2. Spot cleaning
  3. Edge cleaning
  4. Manual cleaning

Spot cleaning is for intensified cleaning in a certain area, and edge cleaning is for corners & ledges etc. The P20’s edge cleaning is particularly effective at removing almost all dirt lodged in corners.


AIRROBO did a fantastic job with the P20 robot vacuum that can be your reliable cleaning companion.

  • Carpet performance
  • Tile performance
  • Edge cleaning
  • Dustbin design
  • Slim design
  • Threshold crossing
  • Moves between rooms
  • Avoids falls
  • Successful redocking
  • Good app
  • Easy remote control
  • Intuitive user guide
  • Some bumping
  • Medium noise level



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