Lefant Robot Vacuum and Mop
Release DateMay 13, 2021
Dimensions11″ x 2.8″
Weight4.41 lbs
Suction Power2,000-2,200 Pa
Dustbin Volume500 ml
Runtime100 minutes
Battery Power1,800 mAh
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Lefant app

Lefant Robot Vacuum and Mop

This is a robot vacuum-mop without a water tank. It has a bilateral brush and sweeps narrow corners and edges flexibly. There is a filtration system inside to prevent pollution.

The M213’s inlet prevents its from clogging with pet hair, unlike bots that have a rotating brush. So, if you have pets, the M213 may be for you!

By the way, it is easy to empty the dustbin.

The M213’s low profile allows it under furniture. Furthermore, it has 6D built-in anti-collision sensors so the bot knows its surroundings. There is anti-dropping sensing too. The bot has Lefant’s very own FreeMove 2.0 tech.

First caveat

Something we dislike is how the M213 does not seem to learn floorplans. Instead, it moves randomly and can get stuck. We were under the impression we can set no-go zones as well as ask the M213 to focus on a specific area (because of the app shown in the listing’s photo), but in reality, this does not seem to exist.

Regardless, whenever about to run out of battery, the M213 goes back to the base to charge itself. You can expect it to cover 150 square meters in one go.

Four cleaning modes

  1. Auto: the default mode
  2. Spot: for a specific area
  3. Edge: for edges, corners, and walls
  4. Zigzag: to move in a zigzag fashion

The above are the alleged modes by Lefant, not necessarily modes that we found ourselves. Unless they are accessible somehow, we safely concluded there are no modes besides auto-cleaning.

As for the mopping…

It is hard to describe the M213 as a robo-mop as it is more similar to a Swiffer than a specialized bot…

Smart control

After going through the easy setup, you can control the bot using the Lefant app to:

  • Create a home cleaning schedule.
  • Change the cleaning mode.
  • Control the cleaning direction.

We just wish we could see the location of the M213 at any given time, especially if it is lost…

Anyway, Alexa and Assistant compatibility is also present for voice control to start/stop the bot vocally.


  • Decent suction
  • Easy dustbin emptying
  • Easy app setup
  • Random navigation
  • Can get stuck
  • Basic app



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