Imou Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo
Release DateApril 26, 2023
Dimensions12.8″ x 12.8″ x 3.6″
Weight14.27 lbs
Suction Power2,700 Pa
Dustbin Volume300 ml
Water Tank Volume250 ml
Runtime110 minutes
Charging Time2-3 hours
Noise Level~65 decibels
Battery Power3,200 mAh
Control MethodsImou Life app & remote control

Also included

  • Water tank
  • Mop cloth holder
  • Dusting brush
  • Side brush
  • Filter
  • Remote control
  • Manual

Imou Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

The Imou RV-L11 is a robot vacuum-mop hybrid with LiDAR navigation. Whether you need the removal of hair, dirt, dust, or similar unwanted objects, the L11 is your guy.

Cleaning performance

Within 1.5 seconds, the L11’s suction can increase to 1,800 when on carpets for a deeper cleaning. The suction then automatically goes down when on a hard floor.

The L11 can clean tile & laminate floors too, but avoid using the L11 on rugs as its spinning brush may get caught up in them and become deformed & unusable. Robot vacuums rarely clean rugs anyway.

The L11 may go over the same area more than one time to ensure a thorough cleaning. If it misses an area at first, do not worry as it will likely return to it before concluding the cleaning session.

Cleaning modes

There are low, medium, and high water flows possible. Otherwise, here are the suction modes at your disposal:

Suction ModeSuction PowerRuntime
Quiet600 Pascals110 minutes
Standard1,200 Pascals90 minutes
Max2,700 Pascals70 minutes

You can set the suction power and water flow per room. For example, you might want max suction and low water flow in your bedroom, but in your kitchen, you would like the opposite. In reality, the L11’s mopping is perhaps used best as a way to shine your floors instead of rubbing off hard stains.

Spatial awareness

The L11 has LiDAR and LDS to avoid bumping into obstacles. Object detection goes up to 15 meters. Furthermore, there are four infrared sensors to help the L11 not fall off heights. Additionally, 2 cm thresholds can be climbed, and the L11 tries to stay within 1 cm of walls. That said, edge cleaning is also viable for the L11.

Because it is short enough, the L11 can go under furniture too. However, at times, the L11 may think it is stuck when it is not. On the bright side, it should recognize cables instead of trying to vacuum them like other robots may, but it may also try to absorb pet feces, so make sure you pick those up before deploying the L11.

Battery life

The L11 should be able to clean about 100 square meters before redocking to recharge and then resume from where it left off. Redocking starts at 15% battery life, and resuming happens at an 80% charge.

You should be able to see the LED charging indicator when the L11 is charging. It may take 2-3 hours before resuming a cleaning session. Although advertised to run for at least an hour, your unit’s battery life may be closer to 20 minutes, which may be suitable for apartment dwellers.

Smart control

If you succeed at setting up a wifi connection, the L11 can be controlled by way of the visually pleasing Imou Life app in order to do things like:

  • Schedule a cleaning session.
  • Adjust the suction power.
  • Change the water flow.
  • Customize the cleaning area.
  • Set a restricted area.

Yes, you can set virtual boundaries! In fact, up to 16 no-go areas can also be set. You can designate no-mop areas too. Be sure to set your carpets as no-mop areas. One more thing worth mentioning is that the L11’s alert sound may startle you, so take heed.


The L11, which is good at mapping and vacuuming, could use a longer battery life to complete the package.

  • Great vacuuming
  • Great mapping
  • Off-limit areas
  • Obstacle evasion
  • Goes under furniture
  • Redocks & recharges
  • Quieter than average
  • Visually appealing app
  • Okay mopping
  • Possible confusion
  • Shorter battery life
  • Wifi setup
  • Loud alert



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