yeedi k600
Retail OptionAmazon
Approximate ReleaseFebruary 1, 2020
Product Dimensions12.99″ x 12.83″ x 3.11″
Item Weight6.71 lbs
Battery Typelithium ion
Runtime110 minutes
Dust Collector Volume0.6 L
Cleaning Modesspot, edge, suction modes
Noise Level55 dB

Also included with the k600

  • Side brushes
  • Remote control with batteries
  • Multi-function cleaning tool
  • Instruction manual

Quick facts

  • Slim body
  • Turbo mode
  • Quiet cleaning
  • Anti-scratch cover
  • Pet-hair removal

Press one button to start cleaning. The remote can start, stop, and changing cleaning modes without wifi.

Swift setup

  1. Snap the two side brushes on.
  2. Find and turn on the power on the side of the robot.
  3. Plug the charging dock.
  4. Place the vacuum on the charging pins.

Deep cleaning for carpets

There are dual side-brushes to gather dust with the least amount of slippage passable. Furthermore, the V-shaped nylon-and-rubber rolling brush lifts as much dirt and dust off carpets as possible while being gentle. The brush is tangle-free.

You are always a double-click away from doubling the performance for those stubborn areas. It is somewhat necessary for pet hair. For anything else, the default mode should suffice, well, unless you find that the vacuum is cleaning certain areas more than others.

The unit is rather quiet. It only goes as loud as a microwave, which is a compliment.

Consider emptying the dustbin once per cycle as it is large enough. Simply press a button to detach it, and do not worry about dust flying around because that does not happen.

Scratch protection

There is a tempered-glass cover to prevent the robot from getting scratched, and this includes aggressive pets. This way, your k600 can remain shiny and new, just like when you bought it.

Highly efficient filter

The triple-system filter catches up to 99% dust and allergens. Say goodbye to sneezing and itching!

Slim and maneuverable body

The k600 is so slim that it can reach under furniture like couches. Sure, nobody usually sees that part of your home, but it can still contribute to the overall health of the residents of the home, especially if you ever change a couch’s location. Plus, your pets may sniff there!

Anti-collision tech

The k600 smartly dodges objects in its way. Not only does this ensure that the k600 is safe and sound after each pass, it also protects the integrity of your furniture and so on.

Anti-fall tech

The last thing you would want to happen is for your k600 to fall off the stairs. Thus, special technology was implemented to ensure that the vacuum simply avoids stairwells and continues on its path to glory.

Pros & Cons

  • Quiet operation
  • Simple setup and usage
  • Efficient cleaner
  • Convenient dustbin
  • Slim and agile
  • Smart movements


We wholeheartedly recommend the yeedi k600 as a simple option for those who are eager to enter the robot-vacuum world.