TCL Sweeva 6500 Smart Robot Vacuum
Release DateSeptember 1, 2021
Dimensions13.5″ x 13.5″ x 3.7″
Weight20.45 lbs
Suction Power2,700 Pa
Dust Bag Volume4 L
Dustbin Volume500 ml
Runtime3 hours
Noise Level<65 decibels
Battery Power5,000 mAh
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, TCL Home app

Other edition

TCL Sweeva 6000 (also available on Amazon)

TCL Sweeva 6500 Smart Robot Vacuum

The Sweeva 6500 (RV6514B) robot vacuum by TCL is self-emptying. It can hold dirt up to 30 days in its base after which your involvement is needed.

Suction levels

The Sweeva 6500 gives you access to four suction levels:

  1. Quiet
  2. Standard
  3. Turbo
  4. Max

You can also make use of the spot cleaning mode to take care of a certain area by intensified cleaning.

Suction levels are to ensure the pickup of dirt, debris, and dust from surfaces, whether they are wooden or tile. Suction is automatically boosted when a carpet is found.

The Sweeva 6500’s primary cleaning tool is its multi-surface brush roll, and it has one side brush. With UVC LED technology, the Sweeva 6500 can eliminate bacteria from the floor. However, we would take this feature with a grain of salt. On the bright side, there is also HEPA filtration for air purification purposes.

How it navigates

The Sweeva 6500 uses laser-guided navigation to map your home and then vacuum it in neat zigzag rows to avoid missing a spot. There can be up to five maps, which is good if you have a multistory home.

Although not the thinnest, the Sweeva 6500 is thin enough to go under some furniture to clean there too. Furthermore, the bot can go over 20 mm thresholds and transition between surface types.

If you like, you can set up virtual walls for the Sweeva 6500 not to go to certain places. Otherwise, it has sensors to avoid bumping into obstacles, and three sensors are specifically for anti-falling off heights.

Whenever it is about to run out of battery (about 15%), the Sweeva 6500 redocks to recharge. It then resumes right where it left off.

Smart control

You can control the Sweeva 6500 with Alexa or Assistant using voice control. For instance, you can say, “Alexa, tell Sweeva to begin cleaning.” The Sweeva 6500 also gives you voice notifications about its status.

There is also the TCL Home app at your disposal. It lets you do things like:

  • Set a schedule.
  • Picking a cleaning area option.
  • Name a room.
  • Set up a virtual wall.
  • Customize the cleaning mode.
  • View the cleaning log.
  • Drive the Sweeva 6500.

Cleaning area options include whole home, room, and area. That said, the Sweeva 6500 may unfortunately disconnect from your wifi from time to time, potentially deleting a map, so beware.

Final disclaimer

While we hope that the Sweeva 6500 will eventually improve, units at least in the year 2022 seem to have suffered from quality control that is not as desired. In other words, you may receive a defective unit, and if you opt for a replacement, your new unit might not suffer from the previous unit’s issue, but instead suffer from a new issue.

Basically, your Sweeva 6500 may or may not have a certain feature as advertised. For example, it may stop cleaning before completing a certain area. In another case, it might get stuck on surfaces that were not expected to cause a problem.

Now, while you can technically block off problematic areas virtually, the Sweeva 6500 would lose its automation appeal as a robot vacuum, involving your effort when you simply wanted a robot to clean on its own…


Assuming you do not receive a defective unit, the Sweeva 6500 can be a decent self-emptying vacuum.

  • LiDAR mapping with LDS
  • Gentle with obstacles
  • Talks to you
  • Quality control
  • May get stuck
  • Spotty wifi connection
  • Could be thinner



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