Shark AV993 IQ Robot Vacuum
Dimensions12.91″ x 12.6″ x 12.64″
Weight6.2 lbs
Runtime~80 minutes
Battery Typelithium ion
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SharkClean app

Other edition

Shark IQ AV992

Included components

  • Robot vacuum
  • Filter
  • Side brushes (2)
  • BotBoundary strip
  • Charging dock

Shark AV993 IQ Robot Vacuum

This robot vacuum’s suction can tackle small debris as well as pet hair on floors. Avoid using this bot with large debris as it may declare an obstruction error. In fact, over time, it may even start declaring obstruction errors without there being anything in its path. One more thing: the AV993 does not work well on carpets.

Brushes and movement

Thanks to the self-cleaning brush roll, it removes pet hair and long hair while it cleans, so no more hair wrapping. The dual spinning side-brushes grab the debris that is in corners and edges. Take heed that the AV993 may get lost under furniture, and it can bump into furniture quite violently. Declutter your space as much as possible before deployment of the AV993.

As for the way the bot cleans, instead of randomly bouncing, it goes methodically row by row and room to room to cover one’s entire home. If it misses a spot, it will likely return to it at some point. If it is about to run out of battery, it redocks to charge and then resume from where it paused. If far, it may struggle to return to the base.

Star feature

The jewel of the AV993 is the enormous dustbin as well as its high-efficiency filter that captures dust, dander, and pet allergens.

App and voice control

On a closing note, you can schedule cleanings using the app and give voice commands with the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


The advantages of the Shark IQ AV993 do not seem enough to deem it a good option versus competitors.

  • Good with pet hair
  • Goes back to missed spots
  • Struggles on carpets
  • Struggles with large debris
  • Can get stuck under things
  • Not a gentle bumper
  • Might not redock