roborock Q5+ Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty Dock
Release DateApril 22, 2022
Dimensions19.69″ x 16.38″ x 14.92″
Weight22 lbs
Suction Power2,700 Pa
Dust Bag Volume2.5 L
Dustbin Volume470 ml
Runtime2 hours
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa & Roborock app

Other editions

Roborock Q7 Max+ (available on Amazon in black and white)

Roborock Q7 Max (available on Amazon in black and white)

Roborock Q5+ Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty Dock

The star feature of the Roborock is the fact that it self-empties its dirt. This happens after each cleanup. The large dust bag can hold up to a whopping seven weeks of dirt!


This is a LiDAR robot vacuum, and LiDAR stands for light detection and ranging, something often associated with superior mapping and navigation even when it is dark. You can even view the maps in 3D as well as add furniture virtually to simulate your home!

Up to four levels can be mapped, and the robot will recognize which floor it is on automatically. Simply set it down. You need no additional docks…

Makes suggestions

The Roborock Q5+ tells you an ideal cleaning order and settings like suction power and time.

Cleaning methodology

The Q5+ cleans hard floors and carpets by lifting debris and pet hair off them. It does so with a multi-plane floating main brush that stays close to the ground even if a surface is uneven. Additionally, it is resistant to hair tangling, which is good if you have pets at home. However, it may suck up unwanted objects, such as cables or small pieces of clothing…

Expect the Q5+ to clean up to 3,229 square feet in one go! Thanks to the Sensient Sensor Array, the Q5+ moves very safely, and that safety is aided by:

  • Cliff sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Bumpers

That way, the Q5+ avoids rolling off stairs, getting trapped, and ramming into walls (most of the time)…

About the self-emptying

With the Auto-Empty Dock Pure, you can choose from:

  • Smart emptying
  • Light emptying
  • Balanced emptying
  • Max emptying

You can do that from the proprietary Roborock app. For example, Smart mode involves emptying that is dynamically adjusted based on recent emptying frequency, cleaning habits, and so on.

More about the app

With 2.4 GHz wifi, you can use the app to set no-go zones and invisible walls. You can have 10 of each!

Feature summary

The Roborock Q5+ allows you to:

  • View your residence in a new way using 3D mapping.
  • Track the exact route of the Q5+.
  • Set no-go zones.
  • Set invisible walls.
  • Customize cleaning intensity (suction power).
  • Customize the cleaning sequence.
  • Create advanced cleaning schedules.


Definitely consider the Q5+ if you need a self-emptying bot vac to clean your home with little supervision!

  • Sleek self-emptying dock
  • Suction powerhouse
  • Sheer runtime
  • Spatial awareness
  • May absorb unwanteds



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