Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Release DateMarch 12, 2022
Dimensions11″ x 11″ x 3.1″
Weight7.83 lbs
Suction Power4,500 Pa
Dustbin Volume560 ml
Battery Life2 hours
Noise Level50-60 decibels
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Lefant App

Included items

  • Lefant N1K
  • Dustbin
  • Charging base
  • Power adapter
  • User manual

Lefant N1K

The N1K can clean most of the pet hair and other dirt off your carpets and hard floors, including wood, marble, and tiles. The N1K has a 360° swivel and a double-sided brush. There is also HEPA filtration.

Movement king

With a slimmer body and stronger anti-tangling suction that operates at an average of 55 decibels of sound, the N1K can take care of dust in the narrowest of corners. That is further supplemented by the 2nd generation FreeMove navigation technology, which avoids random paths that are inefficient, leaving a bot prone to getting stuck. The N1K can go under furniture as well.

Instead of a mechanical bumper, Lefant installed 13 sets of high-precision infrared sensors onto the N1K, and this bot avoids falling off heights as well as bumping into obstacles.

Five cleaning modes

  1. Schedule mode
  2. Auto mode
  3. Zigzag mode
  4. Edge cleaning
  5. Manual remote control

There is a spot mode, which is for the intensified cleaning of a certain area.

Smart control

With the N1K, you have smart control, so you can:

  • Set a cleaning schedule.
  • Choose a cleaning mode.
  • Pick one of the three suction levels.

And so on…

You can use the Lefant App, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, with the latter two being for voice control. You can say things along the lines of, “Alexa, turn on the robot vacuum.” Also, “Alexa, ask the robot to recharge.”

Autonomous action

Whenever needed, the N1K redocks to recharge on its own. You should see the LED charging indicator light up.


The Lefant N1K is a simple robot vacuum that gets the job done.

  • Decent suction
  • Quiet operation
  • Vacuuming may need follow-up



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