Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner G6
Release DateOctober 5, 2023
Dimensions12.3″ x 12.3″ x 2.4″
Weight9.7 lbs
Suction Power1,800 Pa
Dustbin Volume500-600 ml
Battery Life100 minutes
Charging Time~5 hours
Battery Power2,500 mAh
Control MethodsGeek Smart app & remote control

In the package

  • Geek Smart G6
  • Charging dock
  • Power adapter
  • Cleaning brush
  • Side brushes (6)
  • HEPA filters (2)
  • Instructional manual
  • Remote control (optional)

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner G6

The Geek Smart G6 is a robot vacuum. It has a main brush and two side brushes. The mop attachment is optional and decent.

Movement style

The G6 moves in zigzags. It has anti-collision and anti-falling sensors. It is good at obstacle evasion. It also redocks to recharge on its own, which it succeeds at, well, most of the time. Although its movement is generally good, it may skip an area while cleaning.

Surface transitioning

The G6 is able to transition from a floor onto a carpet. Tiles are viable for it clean as well. The G6 can also go under furniture to clean there too, but it is also prone to getting stuck there. Furthermore, it does not seem that the G6 can handle rugs as efficiently as its L7 counterpart as it may get stuck in them.

Suction performance

The G6 can be described as a pet hair specialist. The suction is quite good. It can also leave aesthetic lines on your carpets instead of having a fuzzy look. However, do not expect it to pick up fine dust particles.

The suction power options are:

  • Low
  • Standard
  • Max

Low suction can be for hardwood, and max can be for rugs. It is worth mentioning that the G6 is actually quieter than average.

There are four cleaning modes:

  1. Smart
  2. Spot
  3. Edge
  4. Manual

Spot cleaning is for the intensified cleaning of a certain area, and manual cleaning is when you drive the G6 using the remote.

Smart control

With the Geek Smart app, you can:

  • Schedule a cleaning session.
  • Change the cleaning mode.
  • Adjust the suction power.
  • Drive the G6.

Also, there is an optional remote for:

  • Power
  • Turbo
  • Starting/pausing
  • Spot cleaning
  • Wall following
  • Manual driving
  • Redocking

By the way, the onboard button of the G6 is to start/pause.

Before you go

Here is how to mitigate the G6’s few shortcomings:

  • Reduce clutter (as well as rugs) on your floors to reduce the odds of getting stuck.
  • Skipped spots can be addressed with spot cleaning.
  • Dust can be addressed with the mop attachment.


The minor flaws of the G6 only show that it is not perfect, but for all practicality purposes, it is great.

  • Pet hair specialist
  • Carpet performance
  • Threshold crossing
  • Obstacle evasion
  • Quieter than average
  • Scheduling feature
  • Optional mop
  • Can get stuck
  • May skip spots
  • Not for dust



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