Arnagar S8 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Release DateJuly 23, 2021
Robot Dimensions13.8″ x 13.8″ x 3.9
Base Dimensions14.0″ x 9.8″ x 7.6″
Weight7.7 + 8.8 lbs
Suction Power2,700 Pa
Dust Collection Volume300 ml + 3L
Water Tank Volume250 ml
Runtime110-270 minutes
Charging Time4 hours
Noise Level60 decibels
Battery Type5,200 mAh lithium ion
Control MethodsAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Arnagar app

Accessories included

  • Robot vacuum
  • Automatic suction station
  • Mopping cloths (2)
  • Wiper mount
  • Side brush
  • Cleaning tool
  • Filter
  • Dust bags (6)
  • Disposable mops (10)
  • User manual

Arnagar S8 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is both a robot vacuum and mop. It contains LiDAR and SLAM. LiDAR is light detection and ranging, which helps with navigating in the dark and more, and SLAM is simultaneous localization and mapping.

This bot packs a whopping 30 sensors to maximize awareness about the surrounding environment. The eighth-generation LDS laser scans the home quickly to automatically draw maps.

Smooth operator

Thanks to the large dust bag, you do not need to empty the Arnagar frequently. You just need to throw out the dust bag once a month. The base itself is self-emptying.

Different modes include spot cleaning, which is to clean a very specific area. You can set a schedule to clean different rooms. You can even choose the suction mode, mopping mode, and so on.

When a carpet is encountered, the S8 Pro increases suction on its own. As for thresholds, 20 mm thresholds can be crossed.

When the battery is less than 10%, the S8 Pro goes back to recharge itself and then resumes cleaning.

Not only is the S8 Pro a “smooth operator”, it also seems faster than most robot vacuums! It is also quiet.

As for the mopping, it is mid-tier. You will likely have to follow up with manual mopping.

Smart control

You can control this bot with its designated app that is easy to set up or use voice control through Alexa and Assistant. This is some of what the app can do:

  • Mode switching
  • Real-time checking
  • Full control

You can set no-go zones as well!

The app comes in 10 languages, and so does the voice of the bot.

As for the LED screen, it shows you things like the charging status of the bot.


The Arnagar S8 Pro is one of the most shockingly good robot cleaners that is not as famous!

  • Convenient dustbin
  • Fast operation
  • Fairly quiet
  • Easy app setup
  • Mop can improve